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Diverse trends of web logo design

Design and analyzing the logos of web-based companies is fascinating for many people. From the period of time, we have seen many online startup, merges and rebrand campaign of many organization and we can somehow analyze what should be included and not included in the logo of a web company. Over the years, we have seen different trends in the field web logo designing, some trends are good, some are bad, but most trends are over used. In this article I will discuss, different trends of web logo design.

Buttons & Badges


Now, we are moved ahead from the era of ubiquitous click buttons on the web, but suffix, app icons are still popular over the web. These logos be apt to fairly “gleaming,” cheers to a same smartly-mix white gradient layers. The square type’s logos have curved corners which appears to spark from within, which is a trendy and compelling in a way.

Megaphones & Speech Bubbles


If social applications on webs are all developed for communication, then it stances to reason that majority of social web app logos are all about chatter. We often see logos that turn around heeding, but speech bubbles and megaphones are abundantly used.

Opaqueness Fun


Memorize the time when you first time see overlay blend modes in the Photoshop? If that was the moment which changed your life persistently, then you may appreciate the beauty of an elegant and simple logo, which that precisely plays with opaqueness.

Cool Fonts, Slabs and Other Scripts


Over the past few years, archer and its ilk were greatly used to upshot a number of memorable logos of web companies, so we can say that, the time of slab is not over yet. Slab (Serif) fonts are still a feasible alternative in sans serifs types of logos, and the users on the web are still like them. This is still the good, juicy stuff, which is one of the liveliest logo type. Remember, when you include rare fonts in custom logo design, legibility is the key in logo designing.

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