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What is “Subway Surfers”?

Subway Surfers is what is known as an “endless running” game for mobile devices.  Developed by private Denmark company in conjuction with SYBO Games, Subway Surfers is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Kindle platforms.

In the game, players act as teenage troublemakers who run about the city tagging (spraying graffiti) a subway station.  When they get caught, characters run down the tracks in an attempt to elude the grasp of the Inspector and his trusty sidekick, his dog.  As the hooligans run away, they must grab coins out of the air while trying to avoid the unpleasant fate of colliding with railway cars and other things.  Special objects offer rewards throughout the game as well.

Updates have been made to the game since its original release date in May of 2012.  Originally, updates were made to the game based on various seasonal holidays (Christmas, for example) but since January of 2013 updates have given the game a more worldly feel, placing the game setting in a different global city every month.


As mentioned, the main objective of the game is to run through the game world (a subway station) collecting coins and avoiding being caught by the authorities.  Avoid trains and other obstacles by jumping (by swiping up), rolling (swiping down) and by making lateral moves (by swiping left or right, accordingly).  The “Surfer” part of the game comes from the fact that characters sometime surf on boards in order to glide over the train tracks and overhead wires.  Sometimes, players will be charged with completing special missions, for which they will receive special rewards.

How does the game end?

As long as you can evade the authorities and not crash into obstacles, the game goes on indefinitely.  If either of these things happens, the game is over and you’ll have to start again.

Characters in the game

The default Subway Surfers character is a teenage boy name Jake who, incidentally, is also the mascot for the Kiloo company.  Other characters can also be used, but they must first be unlocked through gameplay.  Some characters can be unlocked by way of collecting certain character attributes in the game, such as a hat or other objects.  Some characters, however, are only available to be unlocked by way of in-app purchases.

Characters in the game are chased by the Inspector and his dog.  These characters stay basically unchanged, although the Inspector’s uniform does change to match the location when the city setting changes.

Subway Surfers is a fun game for those who fancy themselves a little bit of a rebel.  If you’ve always dreamed of wielding a spray can and leaving your mark without having to actually be on the run from the police, this game can be a fun bit of escapism for you.  Check it out today!

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