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The History of Print Technology

Print technology has developed significantly over the last 1400 years. From humble beginnings in the Tang Dynasty in China , to the amazing digital and 3D printing we see today, the progress has been staggering. Each  incremental step along the way helped contribute to the array of printing techniques that we take for granted today.

The printing press, invented in 1440, was a huge turning point and it remained the principal means of printing until the late 20th century. In the years that followed,  the printing press was simply refined more and more to increase efficiency. These tweaks enabled increased  mass production of some of the world’s first newspapers.

In more recent times, the development of 3D printing by Chuck Hull in 1984, was way ahead of its time. He knew that it would take 25 to 30 years before the technology found its way in to the home. His predication proved correct as it is only in recent years that 3D printing has become a viable option. You can find out more about the history of print technology in this storymap from Colourfast.

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