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How HomeSuite is Changing Online House Renting

Renting a home online is nothing new. There are dozens of sites where this can be done, from the old and well-known Craigslist to the newer and now very popular Airbnb. However, none of these show great novelty in the way to do the deals, let alone news to this specific niche.

However, there is a service that truly innovates and revamps this market. HomeSuite, a technology-enabled monthly furnished rental broker, makes this traditionally difficult process easy by combining the best of a broker with the best of technology. It is very helpful, especially for the first time renter.

HomeSuite was built in order to change the rental housing market, which is often messy, illiquid, opaque and has not changed in decades. This service is transforming the market by focusing on ease of booking, transparency and liquidity.

By being a technology-enabled monthly furnished rental broker, HomeSuite can let people self-serve to discover the rental they want, but we can also actively curate those listings and make the booking process extremely simple – something that no other rental product can do.

This platform handles everything that has so far been traditionally handled by a broker. This includes discovery, booking, payment and leasing. It does not include move in, move out inspection, cleaning and maintenance requests. Also, tenants are backed up by HomeSuite’s policy, where it guarantees that the listing is presented accurately and with the safety of a money back guarantee.

Another important aspect is that HomeSuit removes the friction from the market. Once this happens, things can get much better. The team behind this service believes that short-term renting is here to stay, particularly due to how handy and useful it can be.

In order to understand how, let’s picture the example of someone looking to move to a new city. Before signing a long-term renting contract, that person can rent an house through HomeSuite for a month (example) and, during that time, try what it is like to live there. If, after that time, the person has second thoughts, it can just go for something else, no strings attached.

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