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Published on December 18th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Best Way to Keep Your Mobile Signal Intact

Whether you talk about the rapid distribution of information or seamless communication, you will find that speed is the only thing that decides everything. It is seen that mobile connection is the deciding factor in broadcasting data effectively and enhancing communication. Here the mobile signal and connection play a very important role in the sharing of data in a fraction of second. Enhancing the signal strength of your mobile can turn it into a high-capacity communication medium that helps in transmitting huge sum of data quickly. This data is transmitted through signals from various autonomous network carriers.

Points to keep in mind to have better signal quality

Don’t obstruct the inbuilt antenna

First things first, you would need to hold the phone in a way that the internal antenna does not get clocked. The internal antenna is the part that sends and receives the signal from Wave1 communication towers. For example, it has been found out that regular switch of the mobile phone from one hand to the other can hinder signal capabilities of the phones. As you switch the phone, the built-in antenna gets blocked and hence it can affect the signal reception. Also, avoid using mobile phones in fully blocked rooms as it can obstruct the signal and connection capabilities of the phone.

Use a well-designed phone cover

The strength of the mobile signal also depends on the location and distance of the cell tower. If the cell tower is closer to your location, you will get a good signal. However, you can face issues with mobile signals if the cell tower is located quite far. In case there are multiple towers, the signal may fluctuate and become intermittent sometimes. Have a phone cover that is well designed. There are quite a lot of phone covers that obstruct the antenna and hence create signal disruptions. Sometimes, you are not getting signal, it is better to restart the phone for enhanced connectivity.

Keep the phone battery charged

Have sufficient charge in your battery. It has been seen that phones with more than 25% charge on an average have good reception and signal. The reception quality of phones dwindles along with low charge. Also, where there is a low signal, you can opt for a Wi-Fi assist. There are lots of places like an office building where the mobile signal may be low but you may have a good Wi-Fi connection. Wait for a few minutes and you may even regain the mobile tower. Once it comes back, you can talk. It is a simple yet effective method to use.

Stay away from the crowded place when on call

Stay away from extremely crowded places while calling as it may hinder signal. A heavily crowded place creates cross connection and interference of signal. Sometimes you can even have a circuit overload and the signal can go fully blank.

Buy a signal booster

Last but not the least; you can get a cell phone signal boosters in uk to enhance connectivity. On an average, they enhance the signal by around 5%. You would get a seamless connection and network without interruptions.

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