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One of the Best Planning Apps, Glass Planner, Gets Updated

Today, our lives tend to be more and more busy, with lots of things to do, meetings to attend, places to be and so on. With this mind, having the best tools in order to organize our life and tasks is absolutely essential – one of those is Glass Planner, which you might remember from a review done by me some time ago.

This is a new and promising app that aims at “getting things done”, by taking a lot of effort out of organizing your life. While its initial version, launched last January, was already good, the team behind it managed to obtain feedback and suggestions from users and, with that information, produce an updated version of Glass Planner, which has just been launched.

Glass Planner’s updated version features an optional tutorial that gives, step by step, all the information users need to use the app, as well as a comparison with its competitor apps, highlighting the things that make Glass Planner to stand out from the rest.

Another feature, which was a request from many users, is “On-Date Task”. It is a shortcut that creates a task that can only be made on a certain day, like putting out the trash, so it will only appear on your to-do list in that exact day, and not before.

Timelines have also been added the app’s free version, named Simple Glass. They allow for users to define a time frame to work on a given task, thus defining a start date and an end date. Therefore, if that task has a timeline that starts after today, or in a couple of days, it will also not appear on the to-do list until that start date arrives, which helps to declutter one’s to-do list.

The team behind Glass Planner also worked on the backstages of the app, improving its code and making it faster. There is also some improvement in the visual graphics which, all summed up, makes Glass Planner more reliable and visually appealing.

Glass Planner is free to download for iOS, from the App Store.

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