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Network Security and Management – An Essay

A number of basic security concepts can be easily found here on the available including a detailed information on the same. That information should essentially be maintained through the network security forensics. These concepts include integrity, availability and confidentiality. These concepts, when applied to the individuals, also include authorization, authentication and non-repudiation. The significance of the network availability itself to people having an educational foundation or business depends on the internet network connectivity. However, if specific services or access to a computer network seems unobtainable, the problem occurs and the denial of services may cause loss of business or information.


If the information is copied or it is read by any unauthorised person, then confidentiality is lost. Hence, a classified status maintaining is essential in case of a number of diverse types of information. This information may be comprised of the medical records, innovative product specifications, top secret research data, insurance files and corporate venture strategies. The legal issues may also emerge if the privacy is not maintained properly. This seems specially true in the case of the banks and loan companies. This support seems vital for the companies collecting debts, giving credits and providing credit cards. Additionally, hospitals, medical testing labs and the physician’s offices are also there to get their secured records maintained. Psychological counselors, drug treatment agencies and other service providers who deal with collecting data should have the comfort f\of good security for their important data and records. A well-built security system will be a significant source of authentication that can later be disputed.

Information that has been corrupted or came from an unsecured network may create many issues. The different modifications in the information become the reason of losing its integrity and it can occur in unexpected manner as well. The availability of the information can be lost with getting it inaccessible or destroyed. Then the shared information is broken down with implementing the unauthorised changes. This usually comes under the intentional human error or data tempering. The integrity is critically important to the financial data along with the safety of activities like financial accounting, fund transfers and air traffic control. Due to the absence of safety measures results in the lack of accessibility to the lack of information when it is needed, even by the authorised person to access it.

All types of systems receive the advantages of the network security forensics. These systems may include the large distribution systems, software and human components, control systems, embedded systems and many more. They all should essentially be protected and the information in them should be properly managed. During information management, the processes should be in place through the base networking systems and they will provide a daily comfort to those who are working with these systems.

This made the authorities being concerned about the network management and security issues with forcing them to hire the personnel with getting the required services done by them to safeguard your computer network, hardware and software. From the database to entire computer system, proper network management and security is important and the expert professionals work best towards achieving the level of security desired. These expert professionals, as said, work for the overall improvement of your network system’s security and assure you to have appropriate system to stay away from the malicious attacks and problem issues. The cost is not much than the benefits it gives for the long durations. The security should be the point-of-concern for what such professionals charge reasonable amounts and safeguard your computer and network system from all thefts and malicious attacks.


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Hunter Weston time to time brings a new and most significant issue or topic in front of his readers to make them get knowledge about it. This time, it is all about the network security and management and it is worth creating an article on this topic to bring serious issues at the front-desk.

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