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Three Cameras to Keep an Eye On

Cameras are an object of cult since their invention: an object capable of capturing, virtually forever, any moment with a single snap of a button, is object of desire to many people. Going from film to digital was a big step in the massification of these gadgets, which has since then taken another giant step with the addition of cameras to cellphones.

To this day, both photographic and video cameras have been evolving, in ways that were not that much expected some twenty or thirty years ago. In this article, three of the most recent models will be analyzed, each of them fulfilling a specific need and having their unique features.



For photography lovers, the V.360º is amazing news, especially for extreme sports aficionados. A striking feature is its Li-ion battery that offers 2,610mAh, more power than many market high-end smartphones. In addition, it captures Full HD (1080p) video and allows the recording of a 360º scenario.

Other than being resistant to shock, water and dust, the IP67 rating ensures durability for the camera. This can make the V.360º a possible contestant for the GoPro, even though the camera is not made for diving, as it can only be submerged up until 1 meter deep and only for 30 minutes. The device is integrated with an app that works on Android and iOS, being able to view, save and share still images and videos produced. It also offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS and internal sensors.

Fujifilm XP80


Yet another possible GoPro contestant, the Fujifilm XP80 is the new addition to the company’s FinePix line of products. Compact, practical and innovative, the new camera from the Japanese company has extensive strength and power, and is a very effective partner for all types of photographic adventures.

With a CMOS sensor with 16.4 megapixels and optical zoom ranging up to five times, accompanied by 10 times digital zoom, the shooting range of this camera is quite broad. According to Fujifilm, the camera is able to withstand submersion up to 15 meters, drops of up to 1.7m high and temperatures up until -10ºC, being also resistant to dust.

Home Surveillance Cameras


Having a security camera at home is great, because it increases the homeowner’s sense of security and, if anything bad like a robbery happens, it can be used to identify possible suspects. The same goes for simple monitoring cameras, which help users to keep an eye on children, elders or even pets while they are away.

While Nest and Dropcam gobble up the home security market, Oco is their latest competitor, previously mentioned here on TechnoFAQ. It has an enterprise-level security in its cloud, to where footage is sent and can be seen in real-time with the help of mobile apps (available for iOS and Android). It also features two-way audio, so that you can talk to (and listen) whoever might be in the house and even play with your pets at a distance.

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