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Top 3 Home Security Cameras

Either for surveillance or recreational purposes, home security cameras are getting more and more popular nowadays, with services being offered that bring a complete array of services in one package. They take advantage of the evolution technology has been having recently, using high-tech cameras and services.

With this demand, the market is also getting cluttered with competition, offering a multitude of options to choose from. In this article three of them will be covered, arguably the best available so far.



Oco is a great home monitoring system that allows homeowners to record what goes on inside their home or small business, with live-streaming to the cloud. With this, monitoring children, pets, or even elders who stay at home is easy, especially with the very useful two-way audio feature.

The distance-based service relies on a mobile app, available both for iOS and Android (highly rated on their respective app stores), where the user can receive notifications if the Oco camera detects any movement or noises when it is not supposed to.

The Oco system uses video-to-cloud technology to transmit the video feed to the user, allowing the access to archived footage as well. In addition, the camera is able to be moved and not bound to a specific location.



Property of Nest, the company that makes, among others, the famous Thermostat, Dropcam is yet another service in this niche that presents very interesting functionalities. With similar applications as Oco, Dropcam is indicated for home and work uses, both as a recording monitor as well as for surveillance efforts – in fact, one of the publicized uses for it is “baby monitor”.

Dropcam’s camera has a very interesting design, being able to adhere to several surfaces, be them horizontal or vertical. It also offers cloud recording and distance-based communication, so users never miss a thing.



If you head into simplicam’s homepage you will probably think that I made a mistake, and mention Oco two times in this article, as the camera is very similar. It is not a mistake, though – these services use the same camera. With this in mind, one might expect the same kind of functionalities on both services, and that is exactly right – making them excellent services to opt for.

simplicam has some interesting functionalities as well, like night vision, which uses an advance low-contrast setting to give a clear picture, even in the dark. Face recognition is being developed, which will allow users to be notified when someone they know is home, or in the unfortunate event that someone unknown is in the house.

With these models, not only will your house be safer, but you will also feel more at ease knowing that they are there to keep the surveillance when you are away. Do you have any preferred system? Let us know in the comments.

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