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How To Market Your Fantastic New Phone App

So you’ve designed that killer new phone app, you know how good it is, it solves that problem, people that have tested it love it and the only real issue is how to get everyone to see it. This is where you need some help, you’re great at designing an app but you’re not a marketing guru, so how do you do it? This guide will give you some handy hints and tips on where to go next.

Get It On The App Stores

The first thing to do is to get the app available on the relevant platform so that users can download it directly through their phone’s app store, this means they won’t have to manually install it and not have to disable any security features to do this, as this will put off a huge number of potential users and consign your app to being a fringe, underground thing, not a position you want to be in! Look up the correct info on how to upload to both Google Play Store and/or to Apple App Store the Apple version is a little trickier but if you follow the correct procedure you should be fine.

Create a Website and Blog For The App

A must these days when promoting anything, not just apps, is to have a website and/or blog to give info and update users as to what’s going on with new features and versions. The best way to do this is to have a well-maintained and up-to-date blog site, this gives a timeline where you can show not only new and improved features but also progress if your app is in a beta mode or evolving, this guide on how to start a blog is a great start to get you going.

Create Video Trailers And Guides

Visual methods of marketing work best, so naturally video trailers and guides are a no-brainer for promoting your app. Check out these great examples of app trailers and you can see a good video is clear and concise and highlights the features and advantages of using your app and more specifically shows what problem you are solving for the user or what advantages your app gives them.

Have A Social Media Presence

A social media presence is a must! You need people to be able to find info and literature on your app from the Facebook page, hear latest updates via your Tweets or see stunning pics and videos via the Instagram. Not only will you be able to update your current users but all these platforms have easily integrated advertising features that allow you to quickly and easily reach highly targeted new customers to use your app.

Update And Improve Continually

If there’s one thing that can kill an app then it’s bugs that don’t get fixed, just look at this guide to what to consider when developing an app and you can see more than a few of the points are to do with user experience, responsiveness and finally it advises continually improving app vulnerabilities. Keep the app evolving and you’ll retain users and add new ones all the time.

Good luck and remember the key is to be always updating both the product and the promotion.

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