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Top 5 Best VR Games for the PC Right Now

Virtual Reality is the latest trend in gaming and there are currently a lot of VR games for PC available out there that supports all the latest and greatest VR headsets. All of them are so great when it comes to the overall gaming experience that if you want to buy a VR game for PC right now, you will be left totally confused by the wide array of VR games that has support for PC running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

So if you recently bought a VR headset and are in search for the best VR games for PC available right now, then today we have made a list that consists of the top 5 best VR games for PC that can go well in combination with the best VR headsets. However, in my opinion, a gaming monitor would be a much better option than VR as the technology has still not matured. Asus VG248QE one of the best gaming monitors at the moment and it offers a lot for its price. Do check it out before deciding to buy yourself a VR headset for gaming.

Top 5 Best VR Games for PC

Superhot VR

If what you want out of a VR gaming experience is not high-end graphics and super-animated storyline, then the Superhot VR game may keep you happy. Superhot is a very popular game from 2016 and the Superhot VR game for PC takes the best elements of the game and adds the Virtual Reality experience into it.

In the game all you have to do is to watch your step, dodge the enemy bullets and kill all your enemies before you get killed.

House of Dying Sun

The House of Dying Sun is a very interesting dogfight VR game set in space and in the game you get to play as a killer with no mercy. If you have been waiting for a space-battle themed VR game experience and liked the gameplay of the Battlestar Galactica game for PC, then the House of Dying Sun will be the one you were waiting for.


How about a VR game for PC, where your mission is to regain control of an Earth-like planet from alien enemies that look like kittens? Seems real-life?

Well, this is what your objective is in the Kittypocalypse VR game for PC. The game is a tower defense game with a funny character element to it in order to make the VR experience much fun. In each level, you have to face 20 or more waves of those adorable alien enemies and the wars itself takes place in different places around the world.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Almost everyone among us must have imagined ourselves as a bomb diffuser at least at some point of our childhood. Well, now is the opportunity to diffuse bombs in VR, with the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes VR game for PC.

The game offers the best multiplayer experience, where one player is placed to interact with the puzzle-looking explosive device, whereas the other player is the actual expert in bomb defusal who has a defusing manual in-hand. Both the players together have the objective to defuse the bomb before the clock ticks to zero.

Assetto Corsa

One of the best racing games ever made for PC in terms of the racing physics and graphics, have finally added VR support for the game. Which means you can now enjoy the realistic looking racing game Assetto Corsa in a realistic looking experience using your VR headset.

For people who are really into racing games and were looking for the best VR racing game for PC, the answer is this.

Final Words

Hope you found our pick on the top 5 best VR games for PC interesting. In case you have a different PC VR game favorite, then do leave a comment mentioning them.

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