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2048 – Does this iPhone game really justify being the most popular one?

A recently launched iPhone game known as ‘2048’ is currently populating the market. In a matter of days, it got to the highest spot in the App store. Rather simple yet extremely addictive, 2048 is the kind of game you can’t stop playing. The creator of 2048 is barely 19 years old and his name is Gabriel Cirulli, an Italian web developer.

The game became so popular that a lot of its variations like Pokemon were released which were also enjoyed by the users. You can play 2048 Pokemon on GameMora. Not only Pokemon but there are tons of other versions of 2048 that you can play here.


A better understanding of the gameplay

The Wall Street Journal named 2048 “Candy Crush for geeks” while Business Insider compared it with another similar games known as “Threes”. The sliding block puzzle is played on a 4×4 grid, and it features various tiles in different colors. When the player tries to move the tiles, they slide over.

When 2 tiles of the exact same number collide, they become 1 tile and the total value will sum up the first 2 tiles that merged together. The player will have a scoreboard on the right of the screen to keep track of his score. You start at zero, and since we’re talking about an arcade game, your best score will always be shown along with the current.

Winning at 2048 happens when a tile of 2048 pops up on the board. However, even if you reached your target score, you can still play and go beyond 2048. The game will end when there will be no more legal moves. Some have complained that 2048 is way too similar to “Threes”, and many players would still play the latter one than go for this newest, more polished version.

“Threes” vs. 2048 – sometimes rip-offs get all the glory

When 2048 was first released, it immediately drew attention because it looked just like “Threes”, another slide block puzzle created by Sirvo a couple of weeks ago. The main problem with “Threes” was that the player had to pay $1.99 to have it, while 2048 is free. Believe it or not, 2048 is not the only clone for “Threes”. The first rip-off appeared 21 days after “Threes”, on February 27 and it was called “1024”. It could compete with Cirulli’s 2048 though.

Asher Vollmer, Jimmy Hinson, and Greg Wohlwend are the three developers who created “Threes”. They said they’re not worried that everyone makes copies, however they were kind of upset because 2048 was way too similar. It’s ok to copy a game, but it’s shameful to make an identical version and brag about your creation. “Threes” was an invention; it was the result of 365 days of intense, passionate work, while 2048 was made in a few days.

Some people thought that “Threes” was a copy of “2048”. It’s easier for a well-polished copy-cat game which is free to gain more attention than an original game that costs $1.99. That’s one of the reasons people first heard of 2048 ahead of Threes. The developers of “Threes” said in an interview that they were flattered someone copied their game. It basically meant that they did something right – they came up with an idea nobody else could at the time.

Cirulli’s 2048 were created specifically to steal the show and grab all the attention “Threes” was supposed to get. Because the first game had to be paid to be played, the maker of 2048 used that drawback to his advantage and made the copy-cat free.

Is “2048” better than “Threes”? To some extent, yet it is. The developer already knew what was wrong with “Threes” in terms of design, so he perfected the flaws prior to launching “2048”. Unfortunately, “2048” has a major defect too – it’s a lot easier to complete than “Threes”.


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