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10 Rare Skills That Will Give an Incredible Competitive Advantage on IT Job Market

Finding employment can be challenging in these times. As we are watching the recession developments, it is crucial to become employable. You have to bring a unique set of skills to the table. Gone as the capstone project high school days and being an adult is not always fun. Developing important skills early on is going to give you an advantage over the other job seekers. It does not really matter which industry you are in. Many of the employment rules stay the same.

Choosing a career in Information Technology is a popular choice. It’s popular because there is money in that career choice. On the flip side, it also gives you a lot more competition. The positive news is that you can still stand out above the rest. All you have to do is bring a set of skills to the table that employers cannot dismiss. The rarer the skill, the better your chances are. You might have a skill that seems absolutely normal to you, but it isn’t the case. Here is a list of some skills you should consider working on if you don’t possess them yet.

Social Skills

There seems to be a stereotype about IT people. The stereotype is that they are not very social people, which is absolute nonsense. If you however are one of those unsocial people, you might want to reconsider. Having strong social skills can be a great advantage in the work place. You are no longer working in an office by yourself. A lot of companies have I.T. employees interacting with various people on a regular basis.

Problem Solving

You are going to be in a position where you need to solve a lot of problems that people just don’t know how to correct. This makes you an expert. Think about your capstone project title and how motivated you were to impact the industry. You now have to use that same level of motivation when people come to you with their I.T. related problems.

Communication Skills

This is different to social skills. When you are working with other staff members and clients, you need to have good communication skills. There are some friendly people out there, but their communication skills aren’t the best. We often believe that people are just born with skills like this one, but it is untrue. Communicating effectively is a skill many of us have to acquire.


If you want to be more than just a forgotten I.T. employee, you have to be a leader. Once again, this does not come naturally to many people. You have to start with a high level of confidence. If you have confidence, you are able to speak up when necessary. Some people allow their insecurities to hole them back. You want to be able to head up a team and do so convincingly.


Don’t be the employee whose office looks like a hurricane just hit it. Instead, tidy up your space and be organized. This is not only going to help you stand out, it is also going to help you perform better at work. When you are organized, you are not going to become overwhelmed as easily as someone who is not. It is a must-have skill for people who want to move up in a company.


You do not have to be from another country to know more than one language. There are so many free apps and resources to help you achieve this goal. A lot of companies are now broadening their horizons. If you are able to communicate in more than one language, you set yourself apart. It’s not as difficult as coming up with biology capstone project ideas and all you have to do is start.

Customer Service

This skill is becoming popular in companies as we are moving towards everything happening online. The way you treat a customer can easily be broadcasted on the internet. This directly affects the company’s rating. It’s a brutal world. Having the ability to calmly address any concerns that customers might have is important. This skill is not only necessary when it comes to sales people. Everyone in a business should have great customer service skills.


Don’t be the individual who sits back and have decisions made by other people. You have some ideas you want to mention as well. Doing so, quickly allows management to see you amongst the masses. You want to be seen as an innovator or initiator.

Goal Driven

Be sure to mention some of the goals you have set for yourself. Also express your plan on how you are working towards achieving your goals. This will show that you want to grow with the company. It also speaks volumes of who you are as a person. You don’t want to dissolve into the background. Instead, ask for new challenges that are aligned with your goals.

Work Ethic

Someone who works hard will always do better than those who do the minimum. Show that you have good work ethic and you plan on earning your remuneration. You have worked on a capstone project before, so this should not be a challenge. Once you are employed, you need to show that you are a hard worker. Even if you do a lot and feel like no one notices you, still continue.

What are some rare skills you use to help you grow your career?

We all have a set of skills when we join the job market. You don’t have to stay stuck with those skills. Instead, you want to expand and grow your level of expertise. These skills are not related to I.T. work itself. That is why you studied. Now it is time for you to learn a few new skills to help you get ahead. With fierce competition trying to work against you, be sure to become the best in the business. You want to be an employee who everyone wants. This can only happen if you have a strong set of skills that cannot be found elsewhere.

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