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Roundme Service Gets Updated (and Even Better)

Roundme is a fairly new service that works as a web and iOS app. It allows users to publish their panoramic photos by creating, sharing and exploring something called “Spaces”: sets of panoramic images connected with each other. “Spaces” can be connected with “Portals”, providing easier navigation through them.

On a recent presentation, that took place on the IVRPA Prague 2015, some announcements were made, regarding the path that the app will take in the short future. The most important one is the introduction of Pro accounts, which will likely be launched on the Fall.

These paid accounts will obviously have some privileges, like uploading and publishing content with higher quality (up until 100mb per file), support for multi-resolution, safe and secure storage of files in the cloud (even if the originals are lost, there will always be a backup stored by Roundme), detailed statistics monitoring the activity of visitors, and white labeling.

In addition, some other features will be introduced that will affect solely one single “Space”, which means that they are paid one-time only. With this, users can obtain “a la carte” upgrades, in order to further improve their content. These features include a “pro embed”, which customizes how embedding looks like, configurable “Privacy” settings, and others.

Another very interesting update is the ability for photographers to turn on the feature “Available for Hire”. With this, a photographer looking for work can receive booking requests and get paid as a professional panoramic  photographer, using the service’s internal “photo shoot request” system.

To better understand how Roundme works, let’s think of a real example: John Doe, a tourist, is visiting Paris. Visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, John takes a panoramic photo and decides to publish it on He would do so on the Notre Dame’s Portal, making it available for everyone else to see in that Portal. This way, Roundme ends up becoming a huge collection of beautifully taken panoramas, most likely the biggest one on the Internet.

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