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IT Skills Anticipated to Set a Trend in 2019

2018 has been such a successful year that has seen major developments in the information technology industry. Some of the key IT skills that have been in high demand this year include mobile application development, search engine optimization-based marketing, and data engineering among others. The breakthroughs that have been achieved so far in regard to these major areas in the IT industry have laid the foundation for 2019’s prospected IT skills that will be on high demand. Analysts and IT enthusiasts have already projected that the year 2019 will see a major increase in demand for top programing skills targeted towards problem solving and facilitating organizational operations. Focus is also expected to be made upon skills in the cyber security sector. In general, here are some of the top IT skills that are expected to be on high demand in 2019.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

With virtually every sector today being highly dependent upon data and information processing, 2019 is expected to present new challenges and opportunities alike in the data and machine learning sector, machines are expected to be trained on how to utilize periodic data to make artificially intelligent decisions by the use of specially designed algorithms. Programmers are, therefore, expected to venture more in the field of artificial intelligence to help familiarize themselves with the interface between mathematical statistics, probability, and algebra. IT experts with skills on how these fields can be used to create near intelligent algorithms that can facilitate autonomous decision making in computers are expected to be on high demand.

This tech concept is expected to be equally applicable in certain fields including the communication sector and large data-handling organizations which need to achieve fast data processing and decision making.

Cyber security

The concern for cyber security in the present world has been enduring for the past 10 years. New emergent threats to cyber security have, however, prompted the need for IT experts to develop cutting edge cyber security skills. 2019 is expected to present new opportunities for large organizations with emphasis on cyber security to hire the best and most qualified IT experts. A confluence is particularly anticipated between machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cyber security where development of autonomous and more advanced firewall systems and antiviruses is anticipated to protect against the most vicious cyber-attacks. The evolving threat to cyber security in most organizations is also anticipated to compel IT experts to take CompTIA-certified cyber security courses as a way of regularly updating their competence on computer systems and network protection against cyber-attacks.

IT problem solving skills

Businesses, organizations, and workplaces are increasingly facing IT-related challenges that require critical thinking to achieve amicable solutions that can last for long. The rising trend in the desire to achieve customized solutions to existing problems is expected to create a major trend in 2019 where businesses are expected to hire more qualified IT problem-solvers. Programmers are, therefore, expected to focus more on developing IT solutions for their workplaces using the ground-up models and thinking beyond the existing IT solutions available in the market today.

Creating new solutions is, therefore, anticipated as a major trend that is going to define how employers would be hiring their IT stuff. Such solutions are also anticipated to be well capable of interfacing with the already-existing IT solutions that businesses run on today.

Financial technology knowledge and solutions

Fintech is a fast-rising industry that touches on almost every existing business. The rising financial technology solution has been facilitated by the increasing investment in terms of how financial institutions can benefit from IT experts. Almost every business, weather service-providing or good-vending, in one way or another, deals with finances. There is, therefore, expected to be a rise in the development of customized financial solutions expected to mediate between businesses and customers by way of modes of payment.

More Fintech solutions are expected to be availed in the market, therefore enabling customers to achieve faster completion of payments by checking out as well as enhancing security. In addition, Fintech is expected to gain more ground in financial modeling. As outlined above, machine learning is expected to form a confluence with Fintech and thus help creating financial models that can simulate and accurately predict the future prospects of businesses and especially in the currency exchange and stock market investments and enterprises.

Rise in blockchain concepts

Whereas we have seen a slight introduction of blockchain technology in 2018, 2019 is expected to see a major burst as far as the applications of the concept is concerned. The rising blockchain as an incorruptible model of validating cryptocurrency transactions is going to prompt more applications in any transaction of economic value in 2019. IT experts, therefore, with blockchain knowledge are expected to be highly demanded by related institutions, especially large banks and those with large and sensitive databases.

The applications of blockchain technology are also expected to increase into the information-sharing sector as a way of helping control the rising trend of fake and unverified information. 2019 is expected to present new opportunities in diverse fields as far as blockchain technology is concerned. More IT expects in the blockchain technology sector are expected to focus on creating of decentralized databases as channels of holding reliable information dynamically. This concept is expected to lay a foundation in the building of central repositories and even the internet itself.

More mobile applications

Mobile phones have continued to dominate the world today in terms of possession and use. Smartphones, in 2019, are expected to amount to about 5 billion. The IT sector is anticipated to revamp its utilization of the opportunity that the high prevalence rates of smartphone users in the world is going to pose. Programmers with mobile application development skills are, therefore, expected to be on high demand in order to harness the opportunities that are going to present themselves in 2019.

For virtually every tech-advancement that businesses and companies are going to venture into, there is expected to be developed a corresponding mobile application to mediate communication and access to vital information while people are on-the-go. The opportunities as far as mobile application development and use are expected to advance further into next year. Only creative and critically thinking IT developers with the relevant IT skills are going to be demanded for.

Augmented reality

In 2019, IT experts in possession of augmented reality skills are also going to be in significant demand. This is particularly because augmented reality and virtual reality are finding critical applications in virtually every sector, ranging from the medical industry to engineering, tourism, and entertainment. Demand for IT skills in virtual reality and augmented reality development are expected to experience a major surge as organizations target implementing these tech concepts in their day-to-day operations. IT experts are particularly anticipated to develop software to power up augmented and virtual reality hardware thereby, bringing to life this concept in its various applications.

In conclusion, the IT industry that forms a critical part and parcel of our day-to-day lives is expected to explore new grounds come the year 2019. Already-existing technologies as far as IT practice is concerned are expected to be developed further while new opportunities being expected to present themselves. Such opportunities will be put to use with exemplary and cutting-edge IT knowledge. The anticipated application of IT skills in fields ranging from cyber security to data management, as outlined above, would lead to creation of more solutions for day-to-day problems.

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