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5 Tips to Boost Your Homepage Conversion Rate

Getting potential clients to visit your homepage is great, but all the traffic in the world won’t help you if your website can’t convert visits into actual sales. Here are some tips that can help boost the conversion rate of your website.

1 – Make sure it runs well

Don’t assume your site is well-optimized just because you can load it fast on your business computer. Browsers use all sorts of trickery to make websites load faster on repeated visits, and browsing on desktops is easier than doing it on any other device.

If you want to get a proper sense of how fast and smoothly your site runs across several devices, you need to benchmark it. Depending on how niche your target audience is, this is something you can do yourself. However, if you are expecting tens of thousands of visitors each month, it’ll probably be best to get a professional to benchmark and optimize your site.

Remember, having a site that runs smoothly is important. Not only will customers have trouble trusting a company that can’t put a smooth site together, but slow loading speeds can also hurt your page rankings across various search engines.

2 – Strive for clarity

Ideally, someone who visits your website should know what your company is trying to offer within 60 seconds. Few things are more frustrating than reading hundreds upon hundreds of marketing content only to realize at the end you still have no idea what the company’s main product is. And frustrated customers are more likely to leave without buying anything.

Clarity can be achieved not only through good writing but also through good design. A site’s choice of style, colors, and images can help make it clear to the customer what type of business they are dealing with. And the best way to achieve design clarity with minimal effort is to use a professional template that fits your business category.

3 – Build multiple homepages

A good PPC agency can set up your site in a way so that customers from different marketing campaigns will be funneled into different variations of your homepage. This means that if you are marketing your product to parents on Facebook and college students on Google Adwords, you can have each target demographic be directed to a homepage that has a sales pitch fine-tuned for them. It’s easy to see how that could improve conversion rates.

4 – Implement a chatbot solution

Chatbots can be a practical way for customers to get information, browse your catalog, reach sales representatives, and even set appointments with your business. And building professional-level AI chatbots is becoming easier and more affordable every year, making them more attractive. Just remember that not all customers enjoy dealing with chatbots, so they should complement traditional business solutions, not replace them.

5 – Display social proof

Whether it be testimonials, customer reviews, or a list of businesses that have worked with your company in the past, it’s always a good idea to have some form of social proof on your homepage. People are naturally more prone to trust a business that has earned the trust of others in the past, and if you are hoping to get people to pay for something before they see it in person, having a homepage that inspires trust is crucial.

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