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Using Facebook Proxy To Bypass Restricted Access

There are a lot of proxy servers for Facebook but to be able to bypass restricted access, you have to use a Facebook proxy that works.

Most business owners shut employees’ access to Facebook as they believe that when distractions are minimized, productivity skyrockets. So when access is restricted and you need to use your Facebook before you get going, a Facebook proxy server gets the job done. You will have unrestricted access to your Facebook account. Below is how you can make it work.

How Facebook Proxies Work

Usually, servers are key in accessing the internet using a computer. These servers exchange information with the internet and this determines whether you can continue on the page you intend to visit or not. In a case where your access to such a page is restricted, you have to bypass it using a good proxy server. A proxy acts as an intermediary. It takes your data and passes them on without direct access to the internet. This makes your IP address hidden and you can access pages restricted to your IP address.

How To Choose The Best Facebook Proxy

Knowing how to use proxies, you have to choose the kind of proxy to use as well. There are various proxies available and all of them can give you anonymous access to any social network. But you will need one that guarantees your safety and seamless browsing.

  • Shared facebook proxy: this type of proxy is public and free and there is no guarantee that it will work. If it works, your security is not guaranteed.
  • Semi-dedicated facebook proxy: this proxy is shared but not public. So your details are safe and your account is not susceptible to being hacked. This is good for browsing. When it comes to social media since it is shared, other users are likely to log in at the same time and this will risk your IP address getting banned.
  • Private facebook proxy: unlike the others, it means what its name implies. It is private in the sense that your details are not at the mercy of public servers. One other plus to this is that it is meant for just you. This proxy is safe, secure and something you can bet on.

Out of these three, it is best to choose what serves you better over what costs you money.


When you use a Facebook proxy, since the aim is to bypass restricted access, you don’t want to gamble on your choice of server. If what you want means anything to you, then you should go for a Facebook server that works. Security and speed of use should be a top priority in your consideration.

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