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Interview Transcription: Voice to Text

With the multifarious transformations in the technology, the aspect of interviewing has also changed. It doesn’t remain that timeworn concept that embraces the traditional way (face-to-face) to ask the questions and the interviewee responds back. Now, the era changes! The physical interview has been converted into the online interview or the telephonic interview. And, at times, the interviews are conducted via an intermediary, like when an interview is conducted in foreign or overseas language. Here comes the need of the translator. Moreover, if you have to maintain the hard copy of the specific interview, then the TRANSCRIPTION has emerged.

If we break the word “Transcription”, then it will become-

Trans+ scription… implies… Translated Writing.

The transcription services can be assisted in many services, like- academic, marketing, business, government, media, etc.

What is Interview Transcription? The interview transcription is the process to translate the audio or voice conversation into the written format (analog or digital). The text can be of 2 types depending upon the typing medium used-


  • Digital Text Format- It includes PDF files, MS word documents, RTF files and HTML output.
  • Analog Text Format- It is purely associated with the typewriters.


In addition to the transcription services, the proofreading is also combined. The Proofreading is a process that comprises of auditing the document after being prepared. It is basically based on examining the errors and make them correct. After being checked thoroughly, it will be sent to the owner and hence the process of the interview transcription is concluded.

At times, you need the transcription in some other language than the English. The reliable voice to text transcribers in all the languages is your ultimate destination. Even, it will cater you a competitive edge in your market niche. These transcription providers are available at every corner of the world and bestowing their services. What you to do is to just find the genuine and relevant service that will in sync with your prerequisites.

While, okay! The transcription service translates the voice into text, sets the stellar paradigm, and helps many interviewers and the owners to understand comprehensively what the interview was all about. But, still why the transcribers are required for your business? You can simply interview the individual and decide whether to select or not! From where, the transcription has been included in the interview format?

Let’s see the answers to these queries…

  • Some of the firms incorporate this online voice to text alternative to save the conversation that might help in the future. They save it, as it can be useful for the backup purpose.
  • The text document is facile to read and understand rather than the voice format.
  • Even, it consumes less time in reading as compared to listening to the interview.
  • You can also use the document format (PDF or Word file) as a promotional tool. Posting the text transcripts on the blogs, forums, websites and RSS feeds is easier.
  • There is more risk in maintaining the conversation in MP3 files, as they may become corrupt after a certain period.

Convert voice to text and acquire the effortless reading of the interview conversation!


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