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Published on November 8th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Voice Chats and Live Communication in Online Gaming

With about 2.3 billion gamers all over the world and the average gamester’s age of 34 years, it’s not surprising that the leading world companies are focused on the constant improvement of gaming experience. In this regard, voice chats and live communication technologies are becoming a game-changer.
Interaction is King in team competitions. It’s hard to imagine a World of Warcraft crew without a voice chat, huh? And though the toxicity and voice abuse remains to be an argument against using voice and live technologies, the magic ‘mute’ button is always at hand for vulnerable souls.

On Top of the Game: Winning and Improving You Real-Life Skills

By relying only on the keyboard you won’t excel in e-sports, especially when it comes to high-level games. No matter the hotkeys you use, taking to a teammate is easier and faster by times.
But not only that! Surprisingly, real-time communication can transform you into a brand-new type of personality, a person capable of dealing with the toughest real-life challenges.

  • Communication skills. Smooth communication is key to understanding your role and ultimately topping the game. You do not have to be the most skillful cog in the machine to lead it to victory by aligning and adjusting the actions of your teammates and taking decisions in crucial moments. Gaming teaches us to react and respond fast. Gaming teaches us to think fast.
  • Leadership and management. As the voice of the team and the one solving the pressing issues of the day, you are bound to become a leader. You are no longer afraid of sharing your craziest ideas, which for the most part are embraced by the team. By focusing on the collective problems of hundreds of people, you are gaining that inner grit priceless for personal success.
  • Entrepreneurial touch. Since gaming and business are intertwined, the gaming practices (which you may not even perceive as such) aren’t much different from ‘real’ business activities such as, say, a world-leading supplier of live casino products, or an online shop of digital products.
  • Resourcefulness and scalability. Managing the team of 5 chums is a no-brainer for a good interlocutor, but what about 50, 250, 500 people? Some MMORPG clans grow from only a bunch of people to almighty communities generating gigantic profits, but only the ones that know how to scale and manage themselves. At this point, you will start thinking of hiring professional strategists, managers, business developers, advisors, etc.
  • Stress-resistance. You are destined to meet unsatisfied and just rude people down the road. It’s up to you whether to reshape or just mute them, but the fact is that you can’t succeed without the ability to cope with stress and unpleasant routine.

World-class gaming results are forged not by gaming skills solely but rather effective strategy and tactics, lightning-fast and adequate reaction to hiccups, and the ability to take unpopular decisions at turning points. Well, live communication glues all of the above!

Live Chats to Satisfy Customers’ Needs

The other helpful online communication tool is live chats – help windows popping up in the bottom right corner of the website, or the ones allowing you to communicate with other clients of the website. According to statistics, 79% of customers love instant responses to their queries, whereas only 21% of the live chat requests remain unanswered.
The high effectiveness of live chats is proven for almost all types of websites, including informational and business. And even gambling sites are massively implementing live chats to provide their clients with accurate, personalized and timely information. Deposit and withdrawal issues, tournaments and bonuses, supported currencies and fees – these and many other questions are best to solve in private conversations with gamblers.

Wrapping it Up

There are about a dozen of real-time communications tools, each one with its pros and cons (Discord, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Curse Voice, Ventrilo, Google Hangouts, GameVox, etc.), and one thing is clear: live communication has changed gaming once and for all, and ignoring it would mean to stay obsolete and let other teams beat you.

It’s high time to plunge into a new gaming reality by utilizing the countless opportunities that voice chats and live communication provide!

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