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8 Reasons to Use Residential Proxies

According to a survey in 2021, about 71 out of 100 internet users took steps to secure their online activities. It highlights the growing importance of internet safety among internet users. A residential proxy network can be a handy tool for securing your personal information and online activities.

If you use a browser to browse the Internet, you might want to use residential proxies to secure your internet session. Residential proxies work by redirecting the traffic from your web browser. Apart from internet security, they can also be helpful to you in several other ways. Thus, you might want to also use them for other reasons.

8 Reasons to Use Residential Proxies

From achieving privacy to bypassing geo-restrictions, you can use proxies for several reasons. Here are a few of them.

Total Privacy, Anonymity, and Protection

Some internet users question their IP address’s traceability when using a residential proxy. The answer to it lies in the way a residential proxy works. Residential proxies keep your information private when you browse the Internet using a web browser.

It gives you total privacy on a web browser. It prevents hackers and cybercriminals from stealing your personal information. Also, it masks your online activities, which doesn’t allow either cybercriminals or your ISP to monitor your online activities.

Other than internet service providers (ISPs), governmental agencies also keep an eye on the activities of internet users in some countries. If you live in such a country, residential proxies can help you evade the monitoring of governmental agencies.

Higher Browsing Speed

You may experience timeouts, lags, and connection errors while browsing the Internet on a browser. But their frequency can be an indicator of a bandwidth issue with the network of your internet connection. Frequent connection errors and lags can spoil your overall experience of browsing the Internet.

The bandwidth determines your internet connection speed. Often, it’s lesser than desired in busy networks. Residential proxy servers compress web pages and online traffic. They also cache relevant files and remove advertisements.

These activities release bandwidth space on busy networks. A residential proxy can improve your user experience on a busy network by performing these activities.

Overcoming Geo-Restrictions

Geo-restrictions are geographical restrictions that prevent you from accessing some websites. If you cannot access certain websites from the IP address of your ISP, it could be due to these restrictions. There are many reasons for geo-restrictions.

Using residential proxies is one of the best ways to overcome geographical restrictions. They involve legitimate IP addresses from across the globe. You can choose a residential proxy with the IP address of a region from which a blocked website is accessible. This way,

you can overcome geographical restrictions to access websites blocked in your region.

Global Viewpoint for Business

Do you run a business involving clients from other countries? Do you wish to target customers outside your country? If yes, knowing the global viewpoint becomes vital for the success of your business.

Residential proxies enable you to browse the Internet using legitimate IP addresses by ISPs from different places. It lets you work with international clients by keeping your location private. Also, it enables you to work with global clients better.

Monetary Savings by Best Deals

You may have seen cookies and permissions requests when browsing the Internet. Those permissions are for a reason. Businesses use cookies to provide you with personalized ads.

If you like online shopping, you may want discounted deals. You may want to get a lucrative deal from another location. The best way to accomplish this is to use the residential proxy.

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

Some residential proxies allow you to send multiple proxies to different websites. With this feature, you can better scrape a higher volume of data which can benefit your business.

Efficiency while Using Automaton Tools

Alongside data scraping, campaigns like SEO and digital marketing campaigns necessitate the use of automation tools for success. Residential proxies can help you boost the productivity of your business by helping you to use automation tools.


More and more businesses are using residential proxies compared to data center proxies. The primary reason is the blanket ban. Requests to a competitor’s website from a residential proxy give the impression of being genuine.

Final Thoughts

Residential proxies are useful for different reasons. This becomes evident from the aforementioned reasons. If you haven’t tried using residential proxies yet, try doing it for the above reasons.

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