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7 Best Free Invoice Generators

Are you attempting to get your small business off the ground? If so, then you must aim to develop certain automated processes to keep your business moving forward. First things first, generating invoices manually can be a hectic task at times. Let alone the hassles you have to carry out on a busy day; it also requires extensive calculations to prepare your invoice. Instead, if you can generate an invoice online, your labor will be minimal.

These online tools allow you to generate invoices by following a template, which in turn ensures that you remember to include all the important details while filling out the invoices. These invoice software programs are simply the must-have tools in today’s era of lean entrepreneurship.

Here are the best free invoice generators:

1. Free Invoice Generator

Free Invoice Generator’s key feature is respecting user privacy. They never store any data on their servers. They make use of an HTML5 feature, Web Storage. It allows the developers to enable storing even the most complex data in your browser without requiring any external databases or web servers. Besides data privacy, the Free Invoice Generator also secures your data. This means that even if you accidentally close your browser, the server will still your invoice details. As a result, you won’t be required to input the information all over again.

2. FreshBooks Invoice Generator

The FreshBooks Invoice Generator is among the most popular web-based software programs used for generating different accounting results, such as billing. This invoice generator provides you with a step-by-step walkthrough, which in turn helps you to fill out each section inside of the invoice template.

3. Indy Invoice Generator

The Indy Invoice Generator uses the industry’s most trusted online payment solutions, and clients are one click away from paying using the method of their choice.  Using Indy, you can prepare professional Proposals in moments, create Contracts and send them instantly to your new client, link contracts to projects to keep your records organized, make Tasks and connect them to projects to manage your progress and chat with your clients and team to build momentum.

When you bring all your information into a single platform, Indy can help you move seamlessly through every aspect of your freelancing business management.

4. Invoice Ninja

When we are talking about you being able to generate invoices online, how can we ignore Invoice Ninja? Invoice Ninja boasts of being one of the highly appreciated invoicing tools, courtesy of its feature-rich characteristic. Its live PDF preview feature allows you to see your work at any time. Additionally, it also comes with an online payment integration that enables you to accept payments using multiple gateways, likely PayPal, Stripe,, etc.


If you are looking for a more straightforward yet easy-to-handle invoice generating tool, is the right option for you. Not only creating a customized invoice on this platform is easy, but you also get PDF downloading options. With, you can now enjoy a full-featured suite comprising of vital customizable business reports.’s features help you stay on the same page with your business’s whereabouts. Interestingly, you can accept not only credit cards but also many other payment gateways. And guess what; your clients get the option of paying right from your invoice and that too, right from their mobile devices.

6. Quick Invoices

One of the unique features of Quick Invoices is that it is comprised of three different invoice templates. It also provides a “Discount” option that automatically calculates the rebates that you offer your clients. Another impressive feature of this real-time system is that you don’t need to depend on any ‘posting’ operations. Thus, you get all the flexibility of rectifying any input mistakes and see your data get updated instantly. The tool supports multiple tax structures, which ensures that you always stay updated with the changing business and taxation norms. Now, you get the power to design professional looking invoices without the need to hire a designer.

7. Invoice At Once

With Invoice At Once, you get access to unlimited features, specifically designed to help independent contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. This particular invoice making software, you can customize your invoice’s font, and more importantly, you can easily add your company’s logo to achieve a more professional look. When you have successfully created the invoice, simply download your invoice in the PDF format. Or else, you can directly email it to your client’s inbox. Undoubtedly, Invoice At Once is among the best invoice software programs in the world.

Bonus Mention

8.Logaster Invoice Generator

Logaster Invoice Generator is an online free tool for billing. This software provides you with ready-to-use templates that suit any business. You can create and download invoices without limits in a matter of minutes. Besides, the ability to upload your logo will make the invoice look professional. Just fill in the information and download the PDF document.

For business owners who want to have invoices that are easily customizable when being prepared and are designed in accordance with global business formats and standards; affordable paid platforms like Giddh can come in handy. With the Giddh invoice maker, we believe, your invoicing tasks will get easier. We are hopeful that from now on, you can make an invoice online without spending too much money. In case you are looking for some more invoice software programs, stay tuned on our blog. Till then, enjoy reading!

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