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Top Paying Jobs in Tech for 2023

You love tech, and you went to school for it. Now, you want a tech job that pays. Below, we’ll examine the top-paying jobs in the UK’s technology sector as projected for 2023.

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Tech Jobs in the UK

According to the Office for National Statistics, average pay in the Information and Communication sector (which includes audio-visual [AV], e-commerce, telecommunications, information technology [IT], software, computer services, cloud computing, artificial intelligence [AI], augmented reality [AR], virtual reality [VR], financial technology, and cyber security) has been steadily growing since at least 2014. Other reports mention a 20 per cent growth in this industry since 2011.

From January 2021 to January 2022, the average monthly income in this sector increased from about £4,500 monthly to over £5,000 monthly. While fluctuations do occur, recent trends suggest that demand and compensation for tech careers will increase during 2023.

What are the top careers in tech? Below are a few hand-picked options. We’ll define the typical duties of each job title and the pay you can expect in the UK. Could you angle your career to take advantage of one of these opportunities?

Data Scientist

Data scientists analyse data in search of actionable insights. They do research and write code in order to answer questions about the data set. They may look for potential problems that the company can solve, allowing them to address a consumer or business-to-business pain point and provide an in-demand product or service.

Data scientists average £59,500 per year, with a range of £51,500 on the low end and more than £70,000 for the highest-paying positions.

Some locations also offer much higher salaries for data scientists. In Edinburgh, for example, the average data scientist’s salary ranges from £95,000 to more than £128,000 yearly. Corsham; Warwickshire; Newport, Gwent; and some South West London salaries approach the £135,000 to the £150,000 range.

Software Developer

Software developers analyse the needs of software users (whether businesses or consumers) and design software that can meet those needs. They test and maintain the software and systems they create.

Software developers average £40,000 to £72,000 yearly. The sky is truly the limit in this field, however. Some developers in West Sussex, Welwyn Garden City, and Romsey exceed £300,000 to £400,000 annually.

Software Architect

Software architects take tech careers to a new level. They “are experts at software development” and “read and write code at the highest level.” They are also “a go-between for a company’s tech unit and non-technical management.” Typically, this position requires a high level of experience as a software developer.

Software architects can expect an average salary of £84,000, with salaries in Telford, Surrey, Cambridge, West London, and Reigate reported in the £95,000 to £160,000 range.

Web Developer

Web developers create and maintain websites for client companies or individuals. They set up the back-end technical aspects of the website, often writing original code. They may also work to improve a website’s performance, meet all legal requirements, and protect the site from malware and other attacks. Some web developers also create content for the site, including photos, graphic images, and written text.

Web developers can enjoy a salary ranging from £37,000 to £50,000. This may not sound as lucrative as some of our other tech jobs, but it can be if you target the right clients. In London, web dev salaries can reach £140,000 per year, and some web developers in Buckinghamshire make more than £200,000 yearly.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts or systems architects set up and design the computer systems companies need to operate efficiently. This includes suggesting both hardware and software, setting it up, and maintaining the system over time. They may also study a company’s current computer systems in order to improve them.

Computer systems analysts maintain an average yearly salary of around £50,000. But again, location can genuinely be everything. In Preston, Lancashire; Marlow, Buckinghamshire; Gosport; and Maidstone, for example, analyst salaries regularly exceed £100,000. In Belfast, they have been known to approach £300,000.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology jobs in the UK typically average £50,000 or more. This puts tech careers at an advantage over the overall average salary – £38,000 per year.
  • Data scientists, software developers, web developers, and computer systems analysts are among the hottest tech career paths.
  • Though average salaries for each field are less than £100,000 many employees have found work exceeding £100,000 or even £400,000 per year.

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