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5 Best VPN Services For Professionals

The vulnerability of an unprotected computer can be attractive to cyber attacks. If you want to confidently use the internet without wondering who has access to your information, a VPN can aid in erasing that worry. VPNs are Virtual Private Networks which secure yours or your company’s anonymity to outside influences. These are not simply for the security of information, there are many reasons to search out a proper VPN.

First, let’s look at the ways we use VPNs in everyday life to keep up with the limits of the expanding internet. 


VPNs will cover your location and direct IP address from sites that collect this information away from your actual location. It will act as a private middleman between your searches and the website/app receiving the request. This way your network is protected from the actual website, as well as malicious users who may be able to work their into those websites less secure servers to gain access to yours. 

VPN can change your locational output, meaning if you go to a foreign country where certain websites are banned, a VPN can give you access to your home’s web capabilities. This makes it easier for foreign branches, business partners, or traveling employees to communicate properly.

Copyright laws depict what exact region something can be broadcast to, or even accessed online. It can sound strange to those who do not travel often, but even Netflix features will be limited to the country they are in, with libraries changing often. 

This is the same for sites that are banned in different countries. China has strict media constraints and most search engines like Google and Yahoo are blocked. They cannot access youtube, or facebook, except if they have a VPN to change their server’s location. Without a VPN employees could be missing entire data or communication software capabilities to simple info drawn from other pages online.

These different governments may even have laws unbeknownst to visitors, so if you accidentally access forbidden material, you could end up in legal trouble in a foreign country. Not to mention the information that they themselves are allowed to collect. 

Now that we covered all the basics of VPN and how it enables our freedom of speech and gets rid of company surveillance, and even hacker-fear, we will move on to our Top 5 Picks for the Best VPNs. 

1. NordVPN 

NordVPN is our top choice because of its low price, as well as it inclusion to 1,000 private servers. These servers cover 61 countries and has full Netflix capabilities. The app that can be placed on your phone works with IOS and Android. It can be figured out by the most inexperienced user, but still has enough features to protect the advanced internet-browser. NordVPN offers a no risk 30 day money back guarantee to allow users experience their superior security. This NordVPN deal promotes customer satisfaction, so if the service is unsatisfactory for you, moving on is stress-free.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish can aid gamers from all areas, with full compatibility with Xbox, as well as computers. This is valuable if you want to play on a more competitive foreign server without the issue of extreme lag. There is a heavily-enforced no-logs policy with a 256-bit AES encryption. This is backed with even more protection in the form of DNS Leak Prevention. This is another service that will require your device to be OpenVPN compatible, but offers a week long money back guarantee if the service is not for you.

2. ExpressVPN Logo

The encryption is what shines as the largest appeal from ExpressVPN Logo. Most VPN with 256-bit AES encryption have slower upload/download abilities, but that is not the case with Express. This service offers unlimited bandwidth for high speeds on any device. High speeds will improve the online performance of everything from downloads and streaming to broadcasting real time communications no matter where you are. A free trial period is available for consumers to work with the product.

4. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is best for those who want to use the VPN for torrent downloads. They call the P2P system, ‘Torrent Anonymously.’ Torrents are notorious as an easy in for hackers using trojans or malicious monitoring software. However, with a variable VPN CyberGhost will make your network impossible to track. Since this network is designed for torrenting from multiple sources it can automatically move you to a server that will provide the optimal download speeds.

CyberGhost has been active in the ongoing legal battle around the globe fighting for online privacy, even going to court to protect customer rights. This is a company you can be sure is actively fighting for your rights as a consumer. They offer a money back guarantee for those with privacy needs to test the product.

5. ProtonVPN 

Security is the forefront of operations for ProtonVPN. It was created by Ph.D, Harvard Physicists and CERN scientists. Their cyber security is so tight that no cyber attacker has made their way into their system. ProtonVPN is a potentially cheaper option and even offers a free version, however the full feature Visionary package is more expensive than the average service per month.

Netflix servers are limited, and speed is a bit behind the other options. This may not be an option for some users with older devices that are not OpenVPN compatible.

Pinpoint your needs in a VPN and find the company that best represents the services you need. These services will function best if they are designed for what you are trying to do with them. Make sure there is device compatibility, and that the VPN can cover the allotted areas. With a VPN you do not worry about online restrictions or legal problems while traveling or accessing foreign servers.

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