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The best way to make your life press on with magic

I am more of a hobbyist vinyl sticker maker, and it has not been that long I got started. Now, working with adhesive vinyls are a pain for novice. You have to get a lot of things exactly right in order to produce a good result. But, after some searching, I have come across a better solution. I was blown away by the power of clear vinyl adhesive rolls from HTVRONT.

The first choice for you as a novice in handicrafts must be easy, practical, pretty, and durable. It can apply to many common things in reality, and help boost your passion and creativity towards daily life. Adhesive vinyl roll from HTVRONT allows you to do the exact thing. These rolls are big, 12 inch (ca. 30 cm) x 5ft (ca. 152 cm) and can work with most of your projects and save you money if you made some mistakes during the do-it-yourself process.

Reasons I chose this particular product

To make your ideal decorated pattern and apply it, you need to go through these several steps: design, cut, weed, transfer and apply. In these steps, many novices will find out quickly that it’s quite hard to cut and weed if you work with a paper backing. It’s not only easy to cut through the permanent vinyl and destroy your design, but also difficult to clean up your weeding tools. But, this option can change that!

Clear PET Backing for easier cutting and weeding

It saves you lots of effort and time while in use and features a great cutting characteristic. Therefore, it would be like a breeze to cut and weed without tearing the material and mat. Besides, its PET backing is clear so that you can differentiate its cutting side effortlessly and see through the vinyl to check how pretty your design is.

Vibrant & Abundant Colors

What’s attractive to me about this vinyl is its vibrant and abundant 12 colors. These 12 colors chose for satisfying the common aesthetic needs of most users. They display in a glossy and bright way, which help enhance the visual effects of your projects. Perfect gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other festivals to catch every one’s eyes and beautify the decorations.

Way more effective and durable

This adhesive vinyl also combines with extra-strong adhesive and rain-resistant performance, which can hold on tightly to a smooth surface. That’s why it’s practical and suits for indoor and outdoor use. It normally can last for up to 5 years indoors and 3 years outdoors.

Applicable in wide range of surfaces (almost any)

This vinyl displays fantastic sticky performance and excellent durability, so people like to use it to decorate many projects. Except for fabric, it can be widely applied to any smooth surfaces like glass, metal, cars, phone covers, laptop covers, desks, cups, mugs, etc. Check these items I made! Love them!

I’m convinced, where to buy?

If you want this great product, you’re in good luck, you can click here: to check the products you want. Click here to check out their Adhesive vinyl roll. And if you’re a big arts and craft kinda person, leave a comment in the comment box.

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