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Who Are The Most Searched For CS:GO Teams In The World?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has established itself as the world’s most popular Esport, pulling in over one million active players and boasting the most stacked competitive calendar in the community. With so much interest behind it, we thought we would take a look at the three most searched teams according to Liquidpedia’s official reports. 

Natus Vincere

What a year 2020 has been for Natus Vincere so far. There’s never been a doubt surrounding the talent of the Russian/Ukrainian roster, but performing on the big stage was always the big question mark hanging over S1mple and co.

That all changed this year at the Intel Extreme Grand Masters World Championships at Katowice in March. Na’Vi looked like a team out with a point to prove, vanquishing the world’s best teams in Team Liquid and Astralis on their way to a 3-0 grand final win against G2. Their form on the likes of Dust II and Nuke was positively spellbinding, with their aggressive tactics and individual talisman.

They reached number one in the world rankings by the end of March and held that position for an entire month before dropping down to sixth following a dismal Road to Rio qualifying campaign.

The chaotic voice comms and world class brilliance from S1mple and Electronic, as well as the fact that Na’Vi remain the best side in a region known for its love for CS, makes the CIS org a real fans favourite and one that always pulls in interest.

FaZe Clan

Another one of Counter-Strike’s most famous sides that have famously struggled when it has come to closing out the trophies, FaZe Clan have traditionally been a bit like the Real Madrid of the CS:GO world. One of the few international rosters currently present in the top twenty rankings, FaZe Clan have a history of hoovering up some of the most star-studded names in the game, with the likes of Niko, Olofmeister, Guardian, Karrigan, Coldzera and Xizt all plying their trade for the European org over the past few years.

FaZe were one of the most talked about teams over the past couple of months following the surprising announcement that legendary Swedish player Olofmeister would be taking an indefinite hiatus from the game in May.

This marked an interesting shift for FaZe, with Olof being replaced by the relatively unknown young Lithuanian talent, Bymas. In fact FaZe’s last two additions, Bymas and Broky, have both been noticeably different departures from what CS fans have become used to seeing from the org in years gone by. However, the results have been surprisingly successful so far. They peaked at third in the world during the course of June, saw their esports betting odds slashed repeatedly at the likes of BLAST Summer and Dreamhack Masters, and look like they have a great foundation to build on in the events coming up.


It’s easy to see why Astralis are one of the world’s most searched for teams right now.

After establishing themselves as probably the best team to ever touch the game, winning a record four Major Championships and winning the last three on the bounce, Astralis were rocked after winning the Road to Rio qualifiers by the announcement that legendary duo Gla1ve and Xyp9x would be leaving the side on medical leave.

JUGi and Snappi were hastily brought in as cover, but it quickly became clear that this was a completely different side. Having never finished out of the top four of a major S-tier competition under Gla1ve, Astralis were dumped out of the BLAST Showdown, dropped out of the top ten in the HLTV world rankings for the first time ever and were forced to withdraw from the CS_Summit tournament over June and July.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the Danes right now, don’t be surprised to see interest in Astralis continue to run rampant across the scene.


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