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Paranormal Technology: Tools and Gadgets Required for Ghost-Busting

The Supernatural has always been a great source of attraction for viewers ranging from all age groups. People satiate their craving for this by indulging in the media, literature, or simply trying to catch a glimpse of paranormal activity independently. This genre has always been a personal favorite of global audiences and has a recurring presence in the public eye. Even a popular outdoor event happens to be sharing ghost stories while sitting around with friends and family.

What Is Paranormal Activity?

By definition, it is an event or occurrence that cannot be quantified or explained using scientific notions. For the sake of clarity and visualization, they are told in the form of stories instead. An example of two such paranormal activities that you would know of are:

  • Psychokinesis. It is the ability to move objects by mental power alone with no physical contact with the item.
  • Extrasensory Perception. The information felt intuitively in the form of a sensation and not physically felt. More commonly described as an unsettling feeling.

What Is Ghost-Busting?

Ghost-busting is an activity carried out by a group of people or an individual alone to record or observe a paranormal activity using different types of devices and techniques. To ghost-bust is an attempt to interact with a ghost, whether to exorcise it, for a thrill, or malicious intents and purposes. Whatever the reasons may be, make sure you know what you’re planning to do with adequate preparations.

How to Ghost Bust?

Before carrying out a ghost-bust, the location where you plan on exploring needs to be scouted thoroughly. It would help if you spoke to the surrounding neighbors to confirm unusual activity and record the events’ frequency. It is also essential to check if the property is private to avoid getting arrested for trespassing and can freely be accessed by the public.

Preparing to carry out a ghost-bust should be done thoroughly. You should ensure you have the proper clothing that would not get caught on any broken or protruding debris. If you choose to spend the night, then charge your cellular battery, keep a sleeping bag, medical supplies, snack, and torches with batteries. In addition to these preparations, the most important tools are your SpiritShack ghost hunting equipment. You can purchase most of the equipment from a local market or online. When you do, feel free to peruse, read the instructions manual provided with each piece of equipment to guarantee that you use them effectively.

The Tools and Gadgets needed to carry out a Ghost Hunt

There are various products to choose from when hunting for Ghosts, some of which may get hefty on the pocket if a properly compiled list is not prepared. It is good to visit websites with carefully curated lists for you with attention to detail to follow in situations like these. So you would know where your money is supposed to go and how to cut back the losses.

1. Infrared Thermometers. Before you use this gadget, ensure there are no open windows with a draft coming through, nor is there any air conditioning. Infrared thermometers detect sudden changes in temperature that may indicate the presence of a supernatural entity. A sudden drop in the climate and cold conditions are associated with a supernatural entity’s existence in most cases.

2. Digital Voice Recorders. The human ear can’t detect sounds lower than 20 Hz. These recorders pick up on background noises, also known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Once a session is successfully recorded and played back, you may hear voices and sounds that you could not before.

3. EMF Sensor. An electromagnetic field detector is the most common tool used by paranormal activity investigators. Before using this gadget, ensure no apparent sources of electromagnetic radiation such as a microwave or any appliance. Excess electromagnetic radiation should indicate a supernatural entity’s presence. It is assumed they mess with the electromagnetic fields causing it to behave abnormally high.

4. Camera with Night Vision. Most investigations occur during nighttime, when paranormal activity is assumed to be at its peak. A regular camera may not work best in dim to low light. A camera with night vision can capture and record footage even in complete darkness.

5. Ghost Box. Along with a digital voice recorder, these devices pick up background noise while swapping between AM and FM radio frequencies. Experts claim it clears the air for spirits or entities to come forward and communicate with the user.

6. Cases. While you are stocking up on equipment, it is best to buy a case for your fragile devices to prevent them from shattering or getting damaged while transporting them from and to the Venue. Cushioned cases are the most with slots available for each device to carry equipment safely. The cases go in the trunk safely, without bouncing over speed bumps or faulty roads.

7. Headlight. While you are holding and moving around the Venue, you may not have a free hand to carry a torch. The headlight goes around your forehead, and removes this hurdle, and makes it easier to navigate through the dark without pointing a flashlight to see clearly.

The essential factor is even though this is pure thrill-seeking activity. Your life and safety come first. Don’t partake if you have underlying medical conditions that may get aggravated due to prolonged exposure to dust, rumble, plants, and asbestos that would be present. Always go with full preparation and emergency planning in the case of an unforeseen accident.

The Future of Ghost Busting

It is safe to assume that is one activity that will not be expiring anytime soon. Media and corporations involved with providing entertainment see tons of potential in the horror industry. No year goes by without new merchandise, film, or a book hitting the markets.

Amusement parks cash on their most prominent attractions, which happen to ride that cater to the horror genre. We are now at a point where we create waiting lists and documentaries inside and for these attractions. Video game industries also see maximum profit in horror games and are now competing to produce the most. Thrilling and horror packed video games for the gaming community.

Similarly, Ghost-Busting does not seem to be going out of trend anytime soon. There are always buyers on the internet looking for the next fresh product or buying used ones as collector’s items. People are eager to read on personal encounters that you can entertain by penning down your thoughts and experiences for the next best sellers list.


The world still has so many locations and venues left unattended and isolated and brimming with activity. Each site is packed with its personality and story, just waiting for exploration and attention. So, what are you waiting for, Ghost-buster? Pack your equipment and hit the road!

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