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How to Maintain Performance of Mercedes Benz

It is necessary to take care of your precious Mercedes to ensure that it performs at its best. The bond of Mercedes with its owner cannot be emphasized more. Mercedes owners are known to be a passionate lot for whom it is not a machine but an extension of their personality. Needless to say, it becomes all the way more important to take care of various car components which ultimately provide a smooth driving experience.

An automobile needs timely servicing and any warning sign has to be addressed without fail. Do you hear some knocking sound from the engine or the treads are worn out. There are many things that a Mercedes owner needs to take care of to ensure that the car performs to its maximum capabilities. There are plenty of advantages of maintaining the performance of your Mercedes. Not only do you get to enjoy those long rides without any issue but it prolongs the overall driving miles you can extract out of your Mercedes.

Here are few easy-to-miss components which are vital to maintain performance:

1- Air Filters

A clogged air filter can adversely impact the gas mileage, horsepower and even cause your Mercedes engine run rough or stall out. It is necessary that air filters are changed regularly. Generally, these need not any cleaning for 7.000 to 9,000 miles. However, make sure to consult with a mechanic about the timings of the same. It is dependent on the terrain and conditions that you are driving in. If you happen to drive in extreme conditions where there is more of dirt and dust you need to frequently make a change Air filters.

The engine health also decides if you need to change air filters. An out of shape engine producing fumes because of burning oil can affect the air filters as well.

2- Tires

Firstly it is necessary that you pick appropriate set of tires for your Mercedes. You need to monitor warning signs such as worn out tread, air bubbles etc to make sure that the existing set of wheels are right to be driven with. Do not drive tries beyond their life expectancy. Every tire has a certain amount miles which they can operate for. A faulty tire affects the performance and results in more fuel gas consumption that normal.

Also, it is illegal to drive with worn out tread tires which attracts fine in many states. Any tire which has a tread worn out by 1/6th of an inch needs to be replaced with quality Mercedes tires.

3- Oil

It is the oil which is important for the parts of engine to work smoothly. What you need to ensure is that there is no oil contamination that can reduce its effectiveness. Contamination of oil can be due to many reasons prominent of which are exhaust gasses from cylinder, tiny bits of metal or even the heat from the engine. What heat does to oil is reduce its thickness due to which oil is not able to lubricate the engine parts properly. It gives rise to more friction die to which the engine parts wear out faster than one can expect.

For Mercedes Benz it is 3,000 miles after which you need to change oil. In any case you should consult with a reliable mechanic or an authorized Mercedes dealer about same.

4- Brake Pads

There is exact time limit when it comes to brake pads. It is all about your driving style, weight of car and condition of brake rotor besides the road your drive your car on. If you happen to drive aggressively or in hilly areas you are most likely to wear out the brake pads fast. It is in these situations only that you have to ensure that the brake pads are fit to be used to ensure safety.

Brake Pads come with built in indicator. As the brake pads worn out a metal tab comes in contact with the brake rotor. This contact gives rise to screeching noise which signifies that you need to make the change.

These small and easy to attend to components and features can greatly improve the performance of your Mercedes Benz. Make sure to take care of above mentioned points to enjoy a smooth ride.

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