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Published on March 20th, 2014 | by Sunit Nandi


Turn your Motorola XT1033 (Dual SIM) into an XT1032 (Single SIM)

Are you one of those who bought yourself a new dual-SIM Moto G (XT1033)? Did you try to root and mod it only to find out the lack of developer support for the dual-SIM variant, when compared to the single-SIM variant (XT1032)?

Our forum member DJScope wrote a very useful guide which lets you turn your dual-SIM Moto G to a single-SIM Moto G, thus enabling you to use all mods and custom ROMs that are designed specifically for the single-SIM variant. The only downside of this method is that, it disables usage of SIM 2.

The process involves unlocking the bootloader and flashing a specific XT1032 firmware which is compatible with the XT1033 and thus making your device an XT1032.

You can find more information about this modification process by heading over to his forum thread.

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2 Responses to Turn your Motorola XT1033 (Dual SIM) into an XT1032 (Single SIM)

  1. Hrishikesh says:

    Hi Sunit, I have an Indian version of Moto G bought from Flipkart. Supposedly the XT1033. I always use only one SIM, so want to root my phone and install the single SIM ROM. I am completely new to unlocking /rooting. But I’m mentally prepared for the consequences. 😉 Could you please help me out with this? I heard that Motorola is currently seeding Android 4.4.4 in India. So if I get that with the single SIM. It would be awesome. Could you please help me out? I cannot really reach out to any of my friends as none are technocrats. Thanks again!

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