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Modding Culture – From PCs to Vapes

I’m sure many of you are aware of the subculture of modding various types of different technology these days. Whether it be trying to improve the performance of the thing you are working on or just simply doing it for artistic merit, there are whole communities online dedicated to sharing each other’s customisations of the tech we all enjoy. So, we thought it would be a good idea to go through some of the most popular modding groups out there today and how they like to tinker with their chosen tech.


Probably the biggest modding community in the world and with good reason – building your own PC and getting it to work efficiently is probably one of the greatest senses of achievement you can instil within yourself. It’s not just for the computer geniuses too, actor Terry Crews went viral in the past year for publicly seeking help when it came to building a PC with his son – it can very much be a family orientated activity rather than something someone does in solitary. Just think of it as a more high-tech Lego set!


A new kid on the block when it comes to the rest of them on this list, but e-cigarettes have blown up in popularly in a big way in recent years and with it has come a whole new modding subculture. There are plenty of modding options available on the market that can not only increase the functionality of your vape pen, you can produce more vapour, help increase the flavour and even increase the strength of the ‘throat hit’ your vapour gives. If you would like to purchase your own vapour kits, why not try Vapourmate?


Probably the eldest inclusion here, people have been modding (otherwise known as ‘Tuning’) their cars ever since the first car was invented. The occupation of Formula one mechanics is to get their cars to peak performance and that’s just what this hobby entails – trying to get the very best out of the car you are modifying. You can choose to modify the engine, the body, the suspension and so much more to get your vehicle in prime condition – racing it afterwards is optional, though who wouldn’t love a chance to prove what you’ve done!

Video Games

All the benefits of modifications without the need for getting your hands dirty! Revamping existing video games with mods has blossomed over the last few years, with the entertainment platform Steam dedicating a lot of their resources into nurturing a community of modders. The possibilities are endless here, from the smaller things like graphics changes to new items to changing the whole scope of a game with new missions, landscapes and even characters. It’s the perfect way for aspiring game developers to prove their mettle, while hobbyists can still have plenty of fun tinkering with their favourite games.

The Mods

Who better to comment on in terms of modding culture than the Mod’s themselves. While they were called Mods as a shortened version of ‘Modern Rockers’, this group absolutely loved messing with one thing: their scooters. Vespas and Lambrettas were the motorcycles of choice and many of those who had them included plenty of accessories, including at least ten mirrors on some!

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