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3 Features of the New Navigator 500 Device from RealWear that Will Make Your Day

New technology and experiences are touching lives in the most unexpected ways. Virtual reality continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, but one of the most exciting innovations is a new class of wearable devices. The new 500 series from RealWear brings a compelling blend of hardware and software into a single device that is much more than meets the eye. With devices like Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens, we see how AR can lead us to new experiences and information, but they’re still not quite ready for mainstream adoption. Instead, RealWear has developed a platform that combines AI-enabled hardware with an app subscription service to create a hybrid between AR and VR that feels natural and accessible on any day. Here are some of the features from the New Navigator 500 Device from RealWear that will make your day:

Voice Control

One of the key distinguishing features of wearable devices is voice operation. Controlling equipment without pressing buttons and adjusting knobs helps to focus on performed tasks, improving focus and on-site safety. No need to click, tap, press, or swipe – operators need only to use their voice. What makes the RealWear Navigator 500 suitable for heavy-duty applications is the quality of its voice control. The feature works also online and doesn’t require an internet connection. As a result, the device can be used also in specific conditions, underground or in facilities with particularly thick walls. The RealWear Navigators’s noice cancellation and voice recognition cover the range up to 100dBA. 

The device supports 17 languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


The robust wearable device from RealWear is designed to support technicians during day-long shifts. While maintaining machines in demanding conditions, users shouldn’t worry about the battery’s lifespan or waste time recharging the equipment. Navigator’s battery lasts more than the popular 6-8 hours, even during intensive use. Additionally, the device has a hot-swappable function. This means the battery can be replaced during operation, without the need to shut down the wearable piece. The hot-swappable battery facilitates seamless work, eliminating interruptions and reboots. Navigator 500 is powered by a 2600mAH lithium-ion battery equipped with a 4-stage charge level indicator. The device comes with a standard 1 piece included, with the option to purchase additional batteries separately or as a 6-pack. 

Boom arm

The Navigator is distinguished by its ergonomic design. The eye box part contains the micro-display where digital content is presented to the user. The position of the box can be adjusted thanks to the Z-shaped boom arm. Its design allows for convenient regulation no matter the head size or haircut. Adjusting the boom arms is smooth and does not require using force. Once set, the arm remains in the desired position, holding the display before the user’s eyes. A slit on the arm contributes to the user’s peripheral vision. 

Modular design

Modularity is a novelty, making the RealWear Navigator 500 stand out from other devices on the market. While the design itself slightly increases the weight of the device, the miniaturization of elements helped tackle the challenge. Users who prefer working with state-of-the-art cameras can replace their modules each time a new, better cam is available, without the need to change the whole device. The same works for technicians working in specific conditions  – each time a specialized camera is necessary, e.g. thermal or night vision, the module can be switched, instead of changing complete equipment. Modularity reduces operational costs, as clients can invest in the essential elements, rather than purchasing specialized glasses to fit each application in working conditions. 

The Navigator’s modularity allows not only for far-reaching personalization but is a future-proof feature. Thanks to it, users can easily keep up with the improving technology, updating key components as needed. 


The Navigator’s camera allows users to take pictures in a resolution equal to professional equipment. In contrast to previous models equipped with only 12-megapixel cams, the new RealWear device carries a 48-MP camera.

The device is also equipped with a novelty technology, the superpixel. The new software allows for combining 3 pixels into a single superpixel. As a result, pictures taken in insufficient lighting conditions gain brightness without using additional equipment. 


RealWear’s Navigator 500 is a compelling blend of hardware and software that brings a new type of state-of-the-art AR/VR device to the market. (Check Nsflow) The new devices are designed to be more accessible and better built than other AR equipment. The new RealWear devices also come with an app subscription service that acts as a one-stop-shop for curated AR content and experiences, accessible at any time. RealWear’s Navigator is the most exciting wearable piece of technology to come to the market in years. The next-generation ruggedized assisted reality solution is designed to empower and engage frontline workers, no matter the conditions or environment. The newest model from RealWear is the most comprehensive, industrial-grade tool for enhancing industrial processes. With its high-class noise cancellation, convenient construction, heavy-duty build, and highly efficient features, the Navigator answers industrial needs and ensures the best user experience. 

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