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Why Mobile Gaming’s Popularity Has Continued to Surge

In 2019, a study showed mobile gaming accounted for over 50% of all gaming revenue. The popularity of mobile gaming has only continued to grow and more people play games using a mobile than any other type of device. What are the reasons for the continued popularity of mobile gaming?

Thanks to the creation of new mobile phone companies, we now have a wide range of reasonably priced devices. The flagship mobile phones may still be out of reach for many people but there are companies developing excellent quality smartphones and selling them at budget prices. This has seen the number of people using a smartphone across the world increase in recent years, especially in Asia and African countries. With so many more people using a mobile phone, the number of people playing mobile games is only going to increase. The more mobile phones that become available to people who cannot afford the big-name brands, the more mobile games will be played.

Why is it convenient to play games on a smartphone?

  • Mobility

Smartphones are being used for a wide range of activities. Mobile phones are more than a way to phone or text someone. The quality of the cameras on mobile phones is superb and it is possible to capture professional quality images on some of the leading handsets. Mobile phones are also used to watch live streaming of shows, films, and sports in addition to paying for goods in stores. That means we are taking our mobile phones with us, wherever we go and using them daily. Therefore, when we have some down time during the day, such as a journey on public transport or a lunch break, we turn to the mobile phone for gaming entertainment. A mobile phone is like having a mini gaming console in your pocket and the fact we always have a mobile phone with us, even when we go to bed, is a reason the mobile gaming industry is booming.

  • Accessible across a wide price range

Affordability is another factor to consider when discussing the continued popularity of mobile games. Many of the latest console games are expensive and if you want to buy the annual releases of the big titles it can set your back a lot of money. However, even the latest mobile games are available at a small price and many of the top mobile games can be played free of charge. Some of these are based on the freemium model, which means there is an option to pay within the game if you want to have better characters, equipment, or costumes, but the base game is free to play.

  • Rapid development of software & games

The continued development of mobile casino games is another reason more people are choosing to play games using a smartphone. In the United States, mobile casino gaming is big business as states begin to legalize online gambling. There are several excellent mobile casinos in the US and they each offer a tremendous selection of games. You can find out more about these casinos at and even take advantage of their welcome offers if you fancy a game.


The quality of mobile games is fantastic and have come on a great deal in the past decade. The playability, graphics, and social element of mobile games mean the latest releases are better than ever and some can challenge console games. Additional hardware is available for mobile games, including gamepads. You can connect a gamepad to your mobile phone and it will play much like a regular control pad on a console. This has transformed the mobile gaming industry because every game does not have to be only touch screen but can also be compatible with gamepads.

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