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Published on March 23rd, 2019 | by Diogo Costa


5 gadgets and tools that will help you stay in shape at the gym

Whether going to the gym, running in the park, or riding a bike, each person has a way of trying to keep fit – and thus have a good health. Exercising brings lots of benefits, and even high-tech gadget companies are investing in that area.

There are already on the market devices of all prices and sizes that aim to meet the needs of any routine of physical activities. Some devices can indeed be very useful in assisting in exercise control and data management, such as heart rate, weight, calories, among others.

And for those who cannot exercise without listening to good music, many devices already come with hands-on functions – like underwater players and Bluetooth headsets. With all these gadgets and amenities created, you will hardly have any excuse for not doing (or keeping) the exercises.


With smartwatches, you can have a “personal trainer” on your wrist. They are watches that do way more than just show the hours: they record your body and exercise data and can alert when certain targets are reached.

Playing during exercises

BitGym Fitness Games is a good example of how technology can help us. Designed to run on iOS devices, this app features games that help you keep your focus and spirits up during your workouts. Among the options is the “Trail Runner”, which shows inspiring landscapes and accompanies your pace of activity, accelerating or slowing the character according to its performance in the real world.


Other than all the fun and exciting apps and games that smartphones may have, they can also be useful for other things. Fitstop Australia, for example, provides an app for iOS and Android that makes it easy to be up-to-date with their classes, while also allowing customers to book classes directly from the app.

MP3 player for swimmers

The Fitness Technologies UWaterK7 was made especially for those who practice swimming and would like to have an extra incentive in the pool. It is an MP3 player that works perfectly underwater – another device that goes against the concept that electronic gadgets and liquids do not mix.

Bluetooth earpods

At the gym, it is very common for the earpiece cord to disturb some exercise or even getting out or misplaced in the ear, especially by the sudden movements that are usually performed. To solve all this, many  earphones now strip the wires, bringing connectivity via Bluetooth.

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