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3 Social Commerce Trends You Should Know [Infographic]

It wasn’t so long ago that online shopping didn’t even exist, and advertising was only seen in newspapers, TV, or radio. People didn’t really know what social media was, let alone place advertising on there.
Now, with social media changing the way that we live our lives, it has revolutionized the way that commerce works. Companies that want to drive sales need to be innovative and quick-thinking when it comes to their social media tactics. Walmart has long since started using social networks to promote various Walmart discounts and increase their influence in many different ways, and even smaller businesses are catching on to this as a means to create additional profit.

Every year, social media channels are making it easier for retailers to market and even sale their goods on these platforms. So, what do the trends look like this year?

Videos are key

At the moment, video is everywhere. All of the major social media sites have released the option of live streaming video and the ability to create video advertising. We can expect to see more industries tapping into the potential of live, shoppable video.

Chat Apps

Some of the biggest chat apps have almost as many users as some of the biggest social media sites. Some of which, like the Chinese WeChat, already allows some sellers to create shops within the app, where users are able to make purchases without having to come out of the platform.

The huge use of chatbots is also expected to help drive sales both on and off social media sites, creating a sense of intimacy and personalisation.


Influences are already everywhere, and their use is expected to grow over the coming years. For many years, companies have paid those in the limelight to promote their products. The difference is, many of these influences have now got a following thanks to social media.

Many people on social media sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram have literally thousands of people following their every move, so it is no wonder they can have such an influence on consumers purchasing behavior.

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