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Latest Web Design Trends & Forecasts For 2022 You Should Know

Did you know that web design trends are poised for a massive change in 2022? You might know it or not, but the fact remains that web design trends are heading for drastic changes that will make their presence felt from the terminal days of 2021.

You might not perceive a website’s look and feel as superficial, but there will be design philosophies for every design element. Website design has a significant role, from easing users to find what they look for to converting leads into sales.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, the possibility of designing a website suited to individual users is becoming a reality.

Globally, internet penetration stands at 63.2 per cent of the world’s population. And 319 million new internet users joined in 2020.

Therefore, you should not fail to make your website attractive, easy to use, and quick to load. By doing so, you will reap several benefits.

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So, read this article, which explains the upcoming trends in web design. Then, you can leverage the trends to make your website more fluid, appealing, and functional.

When you leverage the latest trends in your website design, you can see remarkable results from your marketing efforts.

The best thing you can do is, hire an agency that offers custom website design services to design your website as per the latest trends.

Coming to the moot focus of this article, we now describe the upcoming web design trends for you to leverage.

Here, we go:

Flat Design

Minimalism is not a new normal in the web design sphere. Also called flat design, minimalism is not only an aesthetic option but a practical one, too.

The advantage of websites with a flat design is that they load faster than websites with complex designs. Flat designs are not only about simple shapes but also about clever tricks. For example, flat websites often use hidden navigation bars and minimal buttons.

You will see designers taking these concepts to the next level in 2022. Minimal does no longer mean black and white. Instead, it will include more experimental layouts like overlapping elements, 3D or lifelike components, and organic or natural shapes.

Key Highlights:

  • 2021 will see the usage of flat design
  • Minimalism is a practical and aesthetic choice
  • Material design will be part of minimalism
  • Organic shapes, 3D or lifelike elements, and overlapping components will become familiar and popular

Premium White Space

Typically, white space on a web page allows readers to rest their eyes as they read the content. However, in 2022, you will see strategic use of white space on your website. It will be helpful in single-page and dynamically scrolling layouts.

Readability is another advantage of a web page with white space. It becomes useful when you need to educate your audience quickly. For example, when you break up a text-heavy page with white spaces, you can keep the reader away from getting bored by long strings of letters.

You can use white spaces in two sizes: macro and micro. And you can use white spaces either actively or passively.

While macro white space refers to the space between graphics and copies on a website, micro white space refers between text lines, letter spacing, and other small elements.

You can regard active white space as the intentional use of white space to lead readers to a conversion. On the contrary, passive white space refers to the natural white space, not by design.

But, do not be under the impression that white space is precisely white. It can be of any shade. You can regard space as a white space as long as it is empty. Empty is used in the sense that it bears no contextual meaning. As such, it is also often called negative space.

Key Highlights

  • White space refers to spaces with no contextual or semantic meaning.
  • It helps organize or highlight certain elements of a page, such as a call to action.
  • Micro and macro are the two sizes of white spaces
  • White spaces can be used in two ways: actively and passively.

Web Design in Motion

The emerging web design trends are likely to make the user experience seamless. For example, the use of micro-animations, either through GIFs, HTML5, or CSS, is one such trend.

Today, people want quick impressions. So, using animations can help users understand your website content better, and at the same time, they can also figure out what your business can do for them.

Akin to images, which convey more meaning than words, moving images can propagate even more information.

Usually, visitors judge the credibility of a website within 3.4 seconds when the home page loads. But, with the advancement of technology, people now take only 50 milliseconds to develop an opinion of a website.

And once they form an opinion, they will either leave or stay on the website. Usually, users leave websites with unappealing designs. So you can safely regard that the design and loading speed can make or break your website’s appeal.

Moreover, you need to focus on the smart and economical use of animation. Usually, animations are heavy in terms of bandwidth.

You should ensure that you do not compromise your website’s loading speed due to animations. If you do so, you will be at the receiving end of seeing a reduction in your website speed.

Therefore, check whether the animation takes more than 5 seconds. In such a case, embed a video in place of the animation.

Key Highlights:

  • Micro-animations are short animations of less than 5 seconds in duration.
  • Designers can use GIFs, HTML5, or CSS 3 to make micro-animations
  • People take only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion of a website
  • Micro-animations can help people stay longer on a website.

Smart Video

You must have heard about the recommendation not to use auto-playing videos when a website loads because it can drive away visitors. But that is not true nowadays.

In this context, the concept of dwell time comes into the picture. It is a parameter that measures how long a user spends on your website. Therefore, dwell time is an essential factor for ranking websites in search engine results.

You can improve the dwell time with a fast-loading website. Other ways of improving dwell time are putting all relevant information on your website and make navigation quick. In addition, using smart videos is an effective way of attracting user interest.

If you look at the video statistics, you will come across amazing information. For example, visitors tend to spend 88 per cent more time on websites with videos. But, the length of your video is something you should consider carefully. Ensure that your videos are not longer than two minutes.

Key Highlights:

  • Video is going to play an important role in website design in 2022
  • Auto-playing a video when a visitor does an action or visits a part of a website is a smart way of using a video.
  • Websites with videos get 88 per cent more engagement than websites without videos
  • 64 per cent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a promotional video


With chatbots on your website, you can offer better customer service. Chatbots can give instant responses to customer queries.

All businesses can benefit from chatbots, which can filter queries and organize them for actionable initiatives.

In 2022, you will see more chatbots replacing customer support executives. After that, only highly technical support will involve human intervention. By the end of 2021, you will see chatbots handling 85 percent of human interaction with businesses.

Chatbots that interact with humans operate on a neural network. A chatbot is not a single instance; instead, it is part of a singular entity that learns simultaneously from all human input. The initial learning of chatbots comes from the information people supply at the beginning.

Key Highlights

  • Chatbots reduce overhead and filter actionable items.
  • Chatbot programming is based on advances in neural networks and machine learning.
  • Chatbots can save businesses 30 per cent of operational costs
  • Chatbots will handle 85 per cent of customer queries


So, you should now get ready to implement the latest trends in web design so that your website will stand apart from the crowd. The latest design will also help you to get more traffic and higher search engine rankings.

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