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How Machine Learning and AI are Transforming the Online Gambling Industry

Artificial intelligence offers boundless possibilities. Despite currently being used for solving practical tasks, experts believe we are only viewing the tip of the iceberg.

But even the tip looks incredible already. Imagine playing a game of strategy and having a completely customized scenario, instead of following one of the scripted few. A personalized gaming reality, with unique conversations and decisions made right there and then.

Imagine – besides just playing live dealer games at Televega, you could also take a walk around and have real conversations with others just like you. Blows your mind, doesn’t it? The rise of artificial intelligence is capable of transforming the iGaming landscape, among other things.

Casino industry trends: the bright future

The online gambling industry is a market worth billions of dollars. It’s expected to grow considerably over the next few years. Clearly, if that kind of technology is thrown in, the growth will be even more dramatic,

Companies competing in the industry are always looking to appeal to more customers. Especially those no longer captivated by incredible sound effects and graphics modern pokies can offer.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are already in play and will continue to be implemented. That’s iGaming on a whole new level with breathtaking options for everyone.

Personalized experience

While you commonly need to follow a scripted scenario, there already are games when the player’s actions affect the events that unfold. Most are still scripted for the most part, because graphics and sounds need to be planned in advance. However, in future AI is thought to be capable of taking over even in most unexpected scenarios.

The purpose right now is to create an environment where the game will be tweaked according to whatever goes on. It’s not just about the graphics, but also speech, noise, and other aspects. Self-learning is another buzzword, with the AI system helping the characters learn and evolve. The Sims game is the best proof of the progress already made in that area.

More realistic than ever

Thanks to AI technology, software manufacturers can offer visually appealing content unimaginable only a few years back. There is also a trend of gamers wanting more and consistently growing eager to further their gambling experience. Good graphics are no longer doing it for many, as they thirst for something to get their mind blown.

Gaming developers are constantly challenged to outdoing themselves, and AI is predicted to play a huge role in allowing them to do so. Addressing the needs of players, the technology will make things feel more real.

The response of the game and the scenario it follows will be based on the player’s real-time action. There are talks of using artificial intelligence in live dealer games. The process has already begun in China and Japan.

Only the best manufacturers

AI and machine learning can take gaming development to a new level. Not all companies may be prepared to participate in the incredible transformation like that. Innovation, thirst for knowledge, research – all those are crucial for companies that want to stay in the business and deliver new products.

The industry giants have no other choice but to rise up to the challenge. Smaller yet aspiring ones will need to modify their approach on the go, which should be easier given their flexibility. Success will be contingent on how open they are to embracing more complex and innovative approaches.

With the need for realism growing among the audience, games are bound to seriously skill up. As a result, players will be able to enjoy more interactive, realistic and enjoyable games.


These days gamers are very particular about the quality and options they are offered. AI and machine learning will challenge companies to offer features and possibilities beyond expectations every time.

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