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Casino Gambling & Sports Betting: What Are the Recent Trends in Europe?

The total gambling market in Europe is expected to increase in the coming years. Based on recent market data, online casino gambling makes up 36% of the revenue, while sports betting accounts for 45%.

Overall, there are 29 million online customers for casino gambling and sports betting. The total bets that casino and sports betting companies processed is 97.1 billion, which includes bets or stakes.

Many people do what they can to stay indoors and keep away from getting sick. As such, the number of people who gamble online has also increased since the pandemic began. So, what is the future of the European gaming market?

Stricter Advertising Rules

Many nations are in unison that gambling advertisements must be regulated. For online ads, it is easy to get away since affiliate marketers are left unchecked. However, for broadcasts like TV and radio, gambling sites have to be cautious.

In Europe, gambling facilities face a lot of challenges when advertising. For one, they can only advertise at specific times—when kids are already likely to be asleep. More regulations will follow as the world begins to accept gambling as a source of revenue.

Mobile Gaming

Gambling has now shifted to mobile devices, and more people are getting into the action. As desktops and laptops are becoming more expensive, fewer people buy them. As such, the gaming industry has to move forward to mobile gaming.

Gambling while commuting has also become a trend. Many people gamble while on the train. Both men and women play slot machines and bingo while travelling. The same goes for sports betting.

With the advent of eSports, there are also many people who would love to participate in betting activities for their favourite computer games.

Mobile is the trend that the iGaming sector will continue to focus on. The mobile user market will grow exponentially, and so will the cash flow.

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In-play Betting

There is an influx now of in-play betting on many sports betting sites like casino online GG.Bet. For many years, online betting sites have put their attention to pre-match betting only. As the years went by, gamblers wanted more—they want bets that are more exciting as the games are happening live.

In-play betting is popular in sports. However, the gaming industry is gearing towards other forms of betting. For example, gambling facilities can take bets during elections: people can place wagers on who is likely to win as president while the ballots are being counted.

Cryptocurrency Gambling

Still at its early stages, cryptocurrency will be the default financial means of gamblers in the future. It is easier to transfer funds this way than through traditional money.

Right now, there are many casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, these coins are expensive. There are thousands of crypto coins out there, and the trend is geared towards accepting a wider array of these digital currencies.

With the gambling industry supporting coins, the market will finally accept that these coins have value. As such, the world will follow suit. Eventually, the market will legitimize the value of cryptocurrency.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Casinos

Now that Mark Zuckerberg has really invested in virtual reality, a lot of effort is being put into this technology. In the gambling industry, it is only a matter of time before this becomes a reality.

VR gaming requires that you wear a special headset. This headset takes you to an environment where you “feel” that you are in it.

In the casino industry, players can “get inside the casino,” walk around and “touch” the games they want to play. It gives a better experience than traditional desktop games.

What’s promising is that the live dealer games will also change. With VR, the player can “roam around” the casino and then see the live dealer in action, as if he/she is in a physical casino.

Augmented and virtual reality casinos are the next big thing in the iGaming industry. Once companies begin to fully embrace this technology, it is not only the gambling industry that will change but also casual gaming.

More i-Slots

Interactive slots (i-slots) are a new breed of slot machines. These machines go beyond the typical slot where you simply pull the trigger and wait for your luck to happen.

In i-Slots, you participate in the game: you interact with the slot machine to create your own story. Some have an adventure mode. Essentially, it feels like playing a computer game. However, you cannot progress unless you win. The game logic is the same as classic slots—you need to match symbols in specific order to land a winning combination.

Like typical slot machines, the i-Slots also have scatter and wild symbols. The beauty of it is that the mini-games are skill games. As such, you can win money based on your strategy and skills, not based on luck.

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