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Should You Consider a OneLogin Alternative?

If you’re a startup or a business at any point in your growth, you have to leverage technology in a way that allows you to function efficiently and keep costs low. As part of that, you’re likely already using web-based applications because you can predict your costs using subscription-based products.

Single sign-on (SSO) is part of this.

Web app-based SSO is an authentication method. Users can sign into multiple web applications with one set of credentials. A web app SSO is part of identity and access management solutions (IAM). IT admins can use IAM solutions to improve security, compliance, efficiency and productivity.

One SSO vendor is OneLogin. OneLogin was recently acquired by One Identity, however, moving the focus and target market even more heavily toward mid- and enterprise-level businesses rather than startups.

So what’s the solution for startups?

Finding an alternative to OneLogin is likely the best option. Jumpcloud is one such option, but it’s important to understand why you might need an alternative to OneLogin, and also what IAM solutions are on a larger scale.

We’ll cover these concepts below.

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Why Do You Need an IAM and SSO Solution If You’re a Startup?

Your IT environment is more than just your web apps. Eventually, as your business grows and scales, you’re going to continue adding more tools which will likely include hardware as well as software. You’ll at some point, whether it’s now or in the future, need a comprehensive identity and access management platform.

When you’re a startup, you’re working to create a foundation for what the future will look like. That means you’re looking for tools that are in line with your current budget but that are also going to scale with you. You’re putting in place tools that will help you be efficient and develop a strong infrastructure.

If you’re going to investors at any point in the future, they’ll want to see proof of productivity, compliance and security.

When you invest in and implement a comprehensive IAM solution early on, with single-sign-on, you’re meeting these goals.

You need more than an SSO solution, as provided by OneLogin. Instead, you want something that entirely takes into consideration identity and access management. Then, it’s something you don’t have to think about later.

Why OneLogin Isn’t Necessarily Right for Startups

We talked about this above, but OneLogin is targeted toward more prominent organizations, and that’s only becoming the case increasingly.

As a startup, you’re probably limited on cash and other resources, but you still need to be able to leverage tech solutions to keep your employees productive.

Your employees may be moving between numerous apps throughout the course of a typical workday. You want SSO solutions that are going to address this, but they have to be budget-friendly.

Many of the available SSO solutions are constantly being acquired by larger providers, creating a lot of unknown variables.

Instead, Choose a Modern IAM Solution

Rather than going with a company that isn’t tailored to your needs as a startup, consider an option like the JumpCloud Directory Platform, which is an IAM and SSO solution specifically for startups. JumpCloud offers SSO capabilities for all IT resources, device management, and multi-factor authentication.

The Benefits of IAM for Startups

If you’re a startup not yet convinced of the value of identity and access management, consider the following benefits:

  • We’re in a world where your employees will be accessing a variety of platforms on different devices. You need to make sure, as a modern, competitive business, that you have systems in place so your users can access the systems and services they need through existing identities. With identity and access management systems, employees can get fast access to the services they need, no matter where they are.
  • A lot of startups and businesses of all sizes are implementing the Bring Your Own Identity concept, to remove entry barriers. Again, you need secure solutions to provide that convenience to your employees.
  • It’s estimated 80% of data breaches are caused by weak, stolen, or default passwords. IAM systems put in place and then enforce credential management best practices. IAM serves as a powerful way to eliminate the risk of weak or default passwords. IAM solutions can help make sure users frequently change their passwords.
  • IAM solutions let you identify and mitigate a variety of security risks, in addition to things like weak passwords. For example, you can remove access privileges without going through distributed systems. You can also make sure you have the security measures in place needed for auditory and regulatory requirements.
  • An IAM solution is a platform that can help you better and more effectively enforce policies related to user authentication and deal with privilege creep.
  • You want things to be as easy as possible for your employees to maximize their productivity and engagement in the workplace. This is especially true if you’re a startup, and there’s a lot on the plate of your employees as you work with limited resources. With IAM, you can simplify the signup and sign-in processes for your users. You can centralize and automate the lifecycle of identity and access management for automated workflows.
  • Using IAM services can reduce your operating costs because you don’t need local identities for external use.

Now is not only the time to consider IAM and SSO in general, but also to reconsider whether you’ll use OneLogin.

If you’re a startup, think about a viable alternative like JumpCloud that can integrate with almost any IT resource.

With JumpCloud as a OneLogin solution, you can have scalability, modernization, and functionality at a cost that’s in line with startup needs.

Regardless of the specifics of how you do it, an integrated SSO and IAM solution isn’t optional. It’s likely employees will keep working remotely some or all of the time and you need a way for those employees to quickly and easily access the resources that allow them to do their jobs without frustration.

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