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Full guide on Peppol access point

The Full Guide to the Peppol Access Point

The successful stories of Peppol e-invoicing in many industries are still going. In fact, more governments have expressed their interest in implementing e-invoicing practices with the help of the Peppol framework, not only for business to government, but also for business to business.

The Peppol network comes with unbeatable perks such as cost-saving speedy exchanges, as well as a secure environment. Not to mention that the interoperability is reached without having to scrape off the existing ERP or financial solutions. Coming from the EU, Peppol has now gained international attention.

Proven by Singapore, which was the first country outside Europe and the first in Asia to adopt the Peppol framework, the beginning of this solution is unstoppable.

With the set of specifications obliged in Peppol networks, organizations across the world can interact with each other without significant barriers.

Peppol is actually a versatile framework for e-procurement. However, many industries have been focusing on implementing a set of standards for e-invoicing. It is still in the middle form, but the recognition from many countries around the world has pushed all of the boundaries. In Australia, for instance, PDF-based invoicing was popular. But with the intrusion of the Peppol framework, it quickly became the better replacement.
Whether or not the government in your country mandates e-invoicing with Peppol as the vessel of standardization, it does not hurt at all to know how to participate in this movement.

The Australian Government, for instance, has recently announced the obligation of B2G e-invoicing practices in the country. All of the relevant B2G parties must be implementing e-invoicing in the system on July 1, 2022 at the latest. Why is it still next year?

The implementation of Peppol is challenging enough since there are thousands of parties who are still considering and weighing whether to adopt the particular solutions. Although Peppol e-invoicing comes with an abundant prospectus, it needs a bold movement to decide to adopt it into their existing systems. Not to mention that changing decades of practices will be much more challenging.

Peppol for the upcoming trades as well. Government officials have strongly encouraged the concerned parties to grant the offers by early 2020. Although most of these companies are voluntarily implementing Peppol, it will become mandatory starting on July 1, 2022.

Connecting to Peppol

To participate in the Peppol network, you will need to connect to the trustworthy Peppol Access Points. The Peppol Access Points providers will facilitate the organizations’ joining the Peppol network so that they can conduct document exchanges with their national and international trading partners.

In this case, you could rely on Galaxy GW to register your company to be a member of the Peppol network. Of course, you will need to make sure that your trading partners are also using the Peppol framework as a way to standardize e-invoices and other procurement documents.

Once you have the Access Point, you will be able to reach anyone in the network as long as you have their Peppol Id.

To join the Peppol network, you actually have two choices: being an Access Point yourself, or working with a Peppol Access Point provider.

If you want to focus on your current business, we’d like to recommend that you register your company with a Peppol Access Point provider like Galaxy GW. Do not waste your money and time by being the access point yourself. But let’s see the available options.

Becoming an independent Access Point

Ideally, you would use an access point provider. But there are some scenarios where it can make your company an ideal choice for access points.

For instance, you could become an Independent Access Point if you have a large number of invoices and e-procurement. What we mean is that it is so large that you will need huge resources to maintain and manage the supply chains.

Or, the second scenario is that when you want to become the service provider in your country or location, you could consider being an access point yourself.

But to be in that position, you will need to go through several processes which are not easy at all. Starting from registration, development, maintenance, and hosting. It is a rigorous activity that requires a lot of money, resources, and time.

You will need to become an OpenPeppol member first.

Then you will go through several steps as listed below:

  1. TIA for singing Peppol
  2. Due Diligence Checks
  3. Security and technical testing
  4. PKI Certification Examinations
  5. Maintenance and support

Connect with a certified access point provider

You can work with a certified access point provider to be able to join the Peppol network. Galaxy GW is a certified Access Point provider that you can reach out to help you out.

Many AP providers out there are only exclusively providing services to large-scale enterprises and organizations, stopping local businesses from getting the opportunity to be involved with the global market. But the Galaxy GW is different from them. This fantastic AP provider is open to all kinds of clients. They are ready to help businesses of every scale who want to participate in the Peppol network.

They offer low subscription costs for businesses with small volumes of transactions.

The solution from Galaxy GW has been recognized by many clients through years of testing. Individuals can begin with low-cost services with the possibility of scaling up in the future.In this case, the Galaxy GW provider can scale to meet the customer’s requirements.

Galaxy GW comes with trustworthy and dedicated certifications that are compliant with Peppol regulations around the world.

As an accredited peppol provider, the company is open to private and public entities. If you want to unlock the ability to exchange documents with fellow Peppol members in the world, you cannot go wrong with Galaxy GW.

In this tight competition, there is a need to exchange business documents with good accuracy, speed, and security. The Peppol Network is expanding quickly because it has the capability to meet all of the needs of each company.

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