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5 Emojis to Help You Make Strong Friendships!

The face-to-face interactions that we were used to nowadays have been replaced mostly with emails and online messages. It’s been one of the new realities we’re facing as our world wades through a pandemic. We can only say so much in our messages, but that is why emojis have ever since helped us add more meaning, tone, and emotion to what we want to say.

You might be here because, let’s face it, not everyone is “fluent” in using emojis. To spare you time and energy from overthinking which ones you must send, we’ve prepared this list of five emojis that you must try! Since most communication and interactions happen online, we hope this list would guide you towards building stronger and more meaningful relationships with close friends and acquaintances–with the help of emojis.

In this post, we’ll be covering the winking, rolling on the floor laughing, and loudly crying emojis as well as non-face ones such as the heart suit and the coffee emojis. Let’s get started!

1. The Coffee Emoji

The hot beverage emoji, or more popularly known as the coffee emoji, actually has a couple of other meanings attached to it. Since a hot beverage is pretty generic, it is also used to mean hot chocolate for sweater weather or the Christmas season, or a cup of tea for all the tea-lovers out there (which may be why some also like to call it the teacup emoji).

You can always use the coffee emoji for whichever context you like but here are three scenarios where it may be perfect to use!

Catching Up With a Friend/Acquaintance

Some friends like to catch up over some ice-cold beer, while others like to get the latest scoop about their besties over a hearty meal of lunch or dinner. There are those, however, who love catching up over coffee! That said, a coffee emoji or two would be appropriate when asking if a friend or the squad is down for an urgent coffee date.

Spilling the Tea

Has one of your constants slipped and accidentally shared something top-secret? “Spill the tea!” in today’s lingo is a fresher way of saying “Spill the beans,” “Spit it out,” or “Tell us everything!” Since the coffee emoji is also used when referring to tea, using this emoji is fitting if you want your friends to let you in on their secret!

Going on a Casual Coffee Date

Whether you would like to have a much-needed talk with a friend or have just a friendly date and chill over coffee, you’ll never go wrong with using this emoji as you send that invite to chill!

2. Heart Suit Emoji

For sure, you have already seen or even used the red heart emoji. Well, it is basically a red heart that can help you express your fondness for something or someone. The thing is, though, you might want to know about the heart suit emoji which some could mistake for the regular red heart emoji. If the two look quite alike, then when should you use the heart suit emoji?

The heart suit emoji can be found under Symbols among the other card suit emojis such as the spade, diamond, and clover. Nowadays, using it can add a more heartfelt touch to any message, in contrast with the shiny, almost “plastic-looking” ordinary red emoji. The richer dark color of the red suit, for some people, may convey authenticity or a much deeper meaning of love–sometimes much deeper than what the default red heart emoji can do.

That is why when crafting a message of kindness, love, or appreciation–whether for a new-found friend or a long-time bestie–the heart suit emoji will subtly make it more sincere.

3. Loudly Crying Face Emoji

Through the years, the loudly crying emoji (a distressed face emoji with a stream of tears under each eye) has been used to express overwhelming emotions of grief or joy. However, since it’s been used frequently nowadays, its general meaning has been quite watered down, so you might need a combination of a couple of other emojis to express greater grief. 

On a casual basis though, this is perfect to show how much you care when you feel bad about something, or perhaps when you forgot or failed to do something you promised to do. It would also be appropriate to use it at times when you feel sad, or when you wish you did a better job at something. And on the other end of the spectrum, it is also appropriate for expressing immense joy and appreciation.

Here are some examples:

I am so sorry for running late! 😭

You make me so proud. 😭😭

Thank you for always supporting me. 😭😭😭

Overall, the loudly crying face emoji is an effortless way to express that you value who you’re talking to or what is being considered. Whatever the scenario is, it helps show empathy and could help build stronger connections with others.

4. Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji 

You may have used the face with tears of joy emoji as a reaction to something hilarious. It’s needless to say that it gets the job done, but at times, it gets a little overused if we’re being honest. What’s the best alternative? You can always play around with other humor-related emojis, however, nothing beats the classic rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

This can genuinely show the person you’re talking to how funny you think they are, or it could even make them believe that you might be giggling or laughing out loud in real life. Spicing things up with this emoji can truly make the other person feel appreciated for their humor. Try it the next time one of your friends tells a joke or says something funny!

5. Winking Emoji

The winking emoji has always been used along with positive responses like agreement, friendly sarcasm, humor, or sometimes with double meanings such as sultry scenarios. Almost half of the time, some people tend to avoid using this emoji because it could give mixed signals or it may be perceived as sexual by others.

You may think that it would be better to be safe than to risk having an awkward interaction with a new friend. But it’s about time that we created more wholesome meanings attached to the winking emoji as it can serve as an effective way to express affirmation or to show that you and your friend are on the same page.

You can always keep tighter bonds with any friend by being vulnerable, sharing secrets, as well as keeping in agreement on something. In such conversations where you’d like to show moral support and appreciation, the winking emoji will do its magic!

Here are some examples:

I gotchu no matter what. 😉

This secret stays between us. 😉

Know that you can always talk to me. I’m just here for you, okay? 😉


If you are quite the overthinker or if you are simply unsure which emojis to use in every situation, we hope that this post has, in some way, guided you to make meaningful and engaging conversations with your close friends and acquaintances–and hopefully, make these connections stronger in the long run.

It is understandable that nowadays, we have to be extra mindful of the messages we send because there are always only two outcomes. You get your intended message across or you don’t!

Thanks for reading until the end, and for more help and ideas on how to craft the perfect message, be sure to check out!

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