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How to Download Facebook Videos: Getfvid

Since 2018, Facebook has noticed an increase in Facebook Watch by 14x than the previous year. Facebook Watch includes entertainment as well as educational videos. And, the best thing about Facebook videos is that you cannot find most of the videos anywhere else.

What if you want to share a funny video you just saw on Facebook with your friends? Or if you found the video useful and want to save it for future reference? Or what if you don’t have the time to watch the full video? Fortunately, there are a few ways to download video Facebook including Facebook Watch.

Most of the videos on Facebook are for entertainment purposes and some videos even relieve our stress and we almost end up tagging our friends so they can also enjoy but what if your best friend has just deactivated his/her Facebook account for a few days. Downloading Facebook videos is the best way to share it as it stays offline for as long as you want.

Free tools like Getfvid allows you to download Facebook videos in a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at what is Getfvid and how you can download Facebook videos from it.

What is Getfvid?

Getfvid is a free tool that allows users to convert Facebook videos into mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) and download them. You can download videos from Facebook using Getfvid in your phone, tablet, or desktop.

How to download Facebook videos? Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Copy the Video Code: You can either directly copy the video URL from the address bar or you can right-click on the video you would like to download and click on show video URL or copy video URL at the current time (if you’re on a desktop). However, if you’re on your smartphone click on three dots on the top right corner and click on Copy URL.

Step 2: Open Getfvid and enter the URL on the text box provided.

Step 3: Click on download and it’ll show you the available formats. Choose a convenient format to download the video.

How do I use Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension?

  • In order to use Facebook video downloader chrome extension, you will need to add Getfvid extension into your browser. Remember, Chrome extension only works on desktop and not on mobile phones.
  • In order to add Getfvid extension to your browser (Google Chrome), open a new tab and click on “Apps” on the top left-hand corner of the browser. A new tab (chrome web store) will open.
  • Search “Getfvid” on the search box available and then click on “Add to Chrome”. Chrome will then download the extension. Restart your browser and your extension will work just fine.
  • Now that you’ve installed Facebook video downloader chrome extension, just visit the specific webpage on Facebook that contains the video you want to download.
  • You’ll see a green “Download (HD or SD) button. After you click on the Download button, you’ll be automatically redirected to the download page where you can easily save the video.

You can even download Live Facebook videos once the streaming is over. The videos are automatically saved in the default download folder of your browser. You can change the default folder by visiting settings in the browser.

What if the Video you want to download is private?

In order to download private videos from Facebook, you’ll need a private video downloader. You can visit Getfvid private video downloader link via You can download the video if and only if you’re able to see the video’s code. However, you can capture the video using this tool and it still keeps the video private.

Videos are downloaded anonymously

Since all the videos on Facebook are hosted on Facebook’s servers, Getfvid doesn’t keep a track of what you’re downloading. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your privacy. All the videos you download are downloaded anonymously.

Final Thoughts

Funny and interesting videos on Facebook help us relieve our stress and we sometimes want to save the video offline for future reference. Tools like Getfvid allows downloading Facebook videos for free. No matter what device you’re using, you can still download your favorite videos from Facebook even it is a private video. Just follow the step-by-step download guide to save the videos offline.

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