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Best Free Online Photo Editor to Change Background Color to White

The use of white background has been increased over the past few years. Usually, on official documents, the companies demand that there must be a white background picture on the application form or a resume. Similarly, one most of the educational documents the universities and colleges asked the students to use white background pictures. Apart from that, the embassies and visa process also need to have a white background picture. 

Nevertheless, there are few constructive sources and websites available that can help you with the background eraser. In this article, we are going to unbox and resolve the mystery by telling you about one of the most reliable and perfect sources for background erasers. It is pertinent to mention here that we have many options available to capture a picture since we have great quality cameras available on smartphones. However, the photo editing services are limited in the play store and on websites.

Imgkits is the best website that offers a wide range of services including background erasers. In this article, we are going to discuss the background eraser tool of Imgkits. As mentioned earlier, there are different reasons for using the background eraser. On some occasions, you find a good picture of yourself but some object in the background does not let you upload socially. Thus, you can remove it in the background by using the background eraser tool of Imgkit. In addition to this, Imgkits allows you to give multiple colors to the background of the picture. On the other hand, the process of background erasers is very simple, easy, and quick. The user-friendly interface of Imgkits is very useful for all types of users including individuals. 

What is  Background Removal

As discussed in detail in the preface section, Imgkits is one of the most reliable websites for photo editing. Likewise, the tools are also amazing. The background eraser feature of Imgkits is wonderful and useful. Background eraser specification of Imgkits allows you to remove the background from the desired picture with ease. In this tool, there are several options available and the user can explore them by visiting the Imgkits website. 

It is imperative to mention here that background eraser service can make the background white. Moreover, you can give other colors to the background also. The feature is not limited to this specification only, many readily available templates can be placed on the background of the picture to make it more charming. Most of the templates include historical places and spots including the Eifel tower. 

The background eraser tool works with the help of artificial intelligence. The presence of artificial intelligence makes it more fruitful for users. According to the Imgkits, the background eraser identifies the key objectives of the picture very intelligently and only removes the background without affecting the main material. For that reason, the Imgkits is pronounced as an impressive and top-of-the-ladder service. Besides this, there are many picture editing tools available but Imgkits is the best because it does not charge a single penny to finish the job. Subsequently, the process of background remover is very quick and simple. The layman can also operate and explore the Imgkits features. As per the existing users of Imgkits, the website is getting popular among the users since the performance is perfect. In the following sections of the article, we will tell you the process of background remover

How it Works

The procedure of background remover is very user-friendly and free. Unlike other similar types of websites and applications, Imgkits is completely free and all the specifications are available without any fee. Following is the step-by-step manual of using the background remover tool of Imgkits.

  • Firstly, Open the Imgkits website on your electronic gadget.
  • Secondly, there will be a “Background Eraser” button available over the website. 
  • Thirdly, you should click on the button “Upload Image” that will be available next to the “Background eraser”.
  • Fourthly, choose the picture from your system or mobile phone that you need to use for background remover.
  • Fifthly, the website will work over it and will bring the result in 2 seconds. 
  • In the last, you can download the picture by clicking on the save button. Imgkits will save the photo in PNG or JPEG format in the system.

This is the 5 steps process of background remover and this can be finished in 5 seconds only. Imgkits is one of the fastest processing websites in the world. All the desired tasks will be fulfilled within a few seconds. At the start, the result of the picture will appear on a white background but you can use other colors that are available on the Imgkits website. The background remover is one of the most significant tools of Imgkits along with others. As we highlighted this point earlier, the processing of Imgkits is very fast. There are thousands of other platforms available for picture editing but Imgkits is the best in all. The access is easy and brilliant. We must recommend to all types of users to explore the background eraser option of Imgkits because it will serve the purpose with perfection. The use of artificial intelligence further enlightens the performance of Imgkits. 


In conclusion, we can say that a background eraser is the need of time. The demand for background erasers is high in the world but there are very few services available that can bail out people from them. Likewise, the background eraser removes the background in a few seconds in 5 steps only. While applying for the job the requirement of white background is needed and Imgkits works intelligently and removes the background. Since Imgkits used artificial intelligence to remove the background. Hence, it finishes the job with perfection. On the other hand, other features of Imgkits are also amazing and useful. Above all, the entire features of Imgkits are freely available where other apps and websites charge certain fees. The availability of templates and different colors on Imgkits further enhances the performance of the background eraser. 

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