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A good article is worthless without technology

Article writing is not an easy job to do. Writers must write snappier lines to attract today’s readers to grip attention. Article writing needs so much of research work to get into the distracted mind of readers. As today the print media is bogging down, writers are more dependent on technology, i.e. mainly on internet usage. And without technology, article writing becomes drudgery to the writer.


Let’s see how technology helps in writing a good article.

Almost all article writers depend on the internet nowadays. Internet is the easiest way to search, read and write things. For example just think that you are an article writer and the topic given to you is “What are the challenges faced by a writer”. The Google search engine provides you with a number of suggestions and links within a spur of time. It’s almost so easy to grab and learn and write information from various links.

In this era, a writer has lot of time constraints. Technology helps a writer to develop his ideas and creativity. Previously back in time when the technology was in its developing stage, writers were more attached to books. When they had to write a research paper or any assignments, they had to flip pages of so many books and complete their work. This was seriously a time consuming process.Today, the case is entirely different. Reading books have confined to alcoves. People read when they get leisure time or while travelling or may be during bedtime. Nowadays gadgets take the place of books and papers. One can download even PDF files of books and read and write simultaneously. That’s how the technology works today.


Online reading through gadgets, via e-books, Good reads, Kindle apps, e-reading Kobo apps makes reading easy.

Mr. Krishnan Srinivasan reviews Kindle has an excellent immersive format. He says it’s easy on eyes, and the device reflects a paper reading experience. He also adds that his Kindle goes everywhere with him.
Review taken from:

Mr. Jan S. Strnad mentions that his wife and himself love their Kobo Wi-Fi eReader. He says that Kobo is a basic e-reader with no frills. You download books to your computer and then to the Kobo and read.
Review taken from:

The above mentioned cases clearly show how technology helps man in reading writing and what not. The technology has it hands widespread in almost all fields now.

Social media is again a core part of technology. Media contribute a lot in article writing. For example take the case of Facebook. You can publish your writings in your Facebook account. The moment you put your article, there are a number of readers on your list who comment and encourage you and your writing. They can give you suggestion and points if you have left out any. This will always enhance your piece of work. The mental satisfaction your readers provide you motivates you to write more and more. Likewise with the introduction of social media and other rapid growing technological tools writers are more comfortable to write on any topics.

One more point to be added is, promotion of articles through websites. There are a large number of bloggers and other writers who promote their work online. The online system is so fast that it can reach any reader’s screen within a fraction of a second. It’s very easy to get online recognition via internet services, which also increases your site visitors. Your article gets syndicated worldwide. To name some,,, etc. are some of the article writing websites.

So we can come to a conclusion that technology enhances the quality and appearance of an article and also helps writers words reach globally.


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