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Things You Should Know Before Installing Solar Panels At Home

More and more people invest in solar energy systems and carry out the installation of solar panels on their roofs. As a way it is not only to guarantee the use of clean energy but to reduce energy expenditure. It is true that the cost of solar panels has been drastically reduced, making the whole process profitable and affordable. There are many things to keep in mind before starting the installation process.

The installation of the photovoltaic system will increase the weight in the roof structure. If the weight is too much, there is a potential that it will collapse. To avoid this situation, it is essential that a professional from solar installation brisbane evaluate the roof to determine if additional support is needed to complete the installation.

Have you already convinced yourself that photovoltaic solar energy is the best way to generate your own electricity 100% free?

Before getting down working with your solar project, take a few minutes to read these tips that will surely guide you through the purchase process.

Where to locate the solar panels

The best place to install the plates is on the roof, with a South orientation and an inclination depending on the latitude and the use that will be given. With this you will maximize photovoltaic production throughout the year. Another aspect is to consider the shadows. If there are shadows, even in a corner of the panel, production drops dramatically. In addition, if you have several panels connected in series, a minimum effect can be generated that decreases the generation capacity of the entire series. Take some time to find the best space for your solar panel because once installed, it will be more difficult to relocate it.

Brands of photovoltaic components

Research forums on brands and models of each photovoltaic component Solar Tucson for example. Beware of unknown manufacturers that have few distributors because in case of problems they may not have satisfactory after-sales service. Even if you are a beginner in the solar world, just do a Google search to see which brands are the most popular of each component. In this section you will find the main ones.

Types of structure for photovoltaic panels

Make sure your provider offers you a best solar panel. There are several types of structure for photovoltaic panels, depending on whether the installation is going to be done on a roof, on a sloping roof, on top of a pole. Solar panels are not particularly light, so bad support can be a danger to you and yours. Invest in a structure with guarantees and you will live quieter.

How to take care of your solar modules

The solar panels will remain static for years so their care is minimal. However, it is important that they are clean of dust and mud to work fully. Check them periodically especially if you have it installed in rural areas or near the sea.

Guarantees for solar components

The panel is, by far, the most durable component of your solar installation (up to 40 years!) However, there are other components such as the inverter or the batteries have a shorter lifespan and you will probably have to replace them at 8-12 years. Most manufacturers offer a 2 year warranty although other brands such reach 5 years. If you have questions about which components to choose, you can contact your technical service for advice without obligation.

Installation costs

Initial investments in the installation of solar panels most often scare consumers away. Back in the last century, one watt of solar energy cost about $ 300. Now prices have fallen by an order of magnitude – $ 3 … 5 per watt of power. However, this amount is significant, as the installation capacity for a residential building should be several kilowatts.

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