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What is flood insurance coverage and how it works?

Everyone purchases a house with his hard-earned money. He does this so that he can feel safe and comfortable inside it. What if all of a sudden some unexpected thing happens with a house such as a flood which causes a lot of damage to the property and loss of lives. You have to pay more than before for getting the house reconstructed. It is better to insure a flood insurance cover for you and your loved ones. A person cannot control such unexpected situations all he can do is think of saving his hard-earned money during such emergencies. By paying a regular premium you are going to relish the great benefits in the form of flood insurance claims that it will offer you in the long run.

Hurricane Matthew, Damage, Dock, Pier, Outdoors, Debris

It is separate insurance with its help an individual can protect his home and furniture if they are damaged in flood. Standard insurance policies such as homeowner’s insurance don’t cover flood insurance.

Who can buy flood insurance?

Flood insurance is generally available with the communities who participate in the National Flood Insurance Program(NFIP).You can get flood insurance from local flood insurance companies and can be used by homeowners, businessmen, and renters who want to protect their homes, buildings, and belongings. You can ask questions related to flooding insurance from

Tip: Landlords can apply for separate flood insurance policies to prevent their home from damage.

What is covered under flood insurance?

You might be wondering what does a flood insurance cover. Well, One can use flood insurance to protect their house and personal belongings. Here are the basics of these two types of coverage:

Building Property Coverage

What does it help to protect?

  • The physical structure of the house along with the foundation.
  • Plumbing, electrical systems
  • Heating systems
  • Bookcases and cabinets attached to the house
  • One needs to apply for a separate policy in case of other detached structures.


It would pay-out to an individual on the basis of the cost of repair in dollars for the main resident.

Personal Contents Coverage

Personal belongings such as

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Electronics and curtain
  • Portable appliances including the food inside them
  • Certain items such as art


The claim is given on the basis of actual cash value and it also takes depreciation into consideration.

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What is not covered in a flood insurance policy?

Here is the list of property and expenses whose scope is outside the flood insurance policy:

  • Moisture or Mildew damage that the homeowner didn’t give emphasis to
  • Precious metals and valuable papers such as stock certificates
  • Outdoor property including decks, fences, patios, landscaping wells, hot tubs along with pools.
  • Other expenses such as temporary accommodation.
  • Cars and other vehicles that you start

Talk to the agent as you must get entire information about the coverage before finalizing it. With this, you can make the ideal choice on the basis of your current situation. Floods will bring great damage of which you can’t bear a loss of use coverage.

How to purchase flood insurance?

One can apply for flood insurance and get it from a local flood insurance agent. He will help you in getting the insurance from NFIP. A person has to wait for 30 days before availing the policy as there are some exceptions to it. Your policy will become active instantly if you buy the policy at the same time when you buy a mortgage.

Ask these questions from your agents?

Here is the list of questions that you can ask your flood insurance agent:

  • Is there any participation of the community in the National Flood Insurance Program(NFIP)? This program is given to communities who are participating. The agent can tell whether the community participates or not.
  • How long will it take for the flood insurance policy to start? Usually, a flood insurance policy takes thirty days to process. You can ask when will the coverage start?
  • What will or will not be covered under the insurance.
  • Are you including any additional expenses or agency fees in the insurance?
  • Whom to call to get the claim of flood insurance?
  • How to pay or get the policy renewed?
  • How can I make the cost of flood insurance affordable to me?

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Flood insurance claim tips

There are steps one can take to get flood insurance claims

  1. Have the original copy of homeowners or renters insurance policy case that got damaged during the flood, you can consult your insurance agent and he will come up with a duplicate copy in which everything about the coverage will be mentioned.
  2. Make the call to the insurance agent as soon as possible from their claim process will initiate.
  3. Click pictures of the damage before commencing any cleanup program. The claim adjuster wants to see the extent of the damage.
  4. Don’t throw anything covered with water away. The adjuster will examine everything you have when he will arrive for claim inspection.
  5. Extra information, as asked by the agent, is to be given which includes the following:
    • Date and cause of the flood
    • The location where damage due to flood took place
    • Contact information of property owner and of you as well.
    • List of items that got damaged during the flood including furniture and building material
    • Receipts of cleanups and other related costs.
    • Hotel receipts and other expenses if you have left to leave your home during the disaster.

Overcoming unexpected occurrences such as natural disasters not only brings loss to the property but also affects the mental health and finances of a person. It is better to have something such as flood insurance which will compensate the losses to some extent for you. It isn’t easy to build a house and to reconstruct it after the flood so all you need is an insurance which will keep you away from all these hassles. You can focus on collecting your life rather than collecting finances during such unexpected incidents. During the time of monsoons, chances are there that flood will hit the areas one must think about safeguarding himself and his loved ones. Apply for Kin Insurance your one-stop destination which will help you get insurance claims in no time.

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