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A helpful guide to help you choose keyboard amplifiers

Whether you’re search the market for a keyboard amp so that you’re able to boost your sound over your band mates, or you’re merely fed-up with having to wear headphones to play with a synthetizer, this helpful guide are here to tell you more about these nifty musical equipment and the features.

What differentiate keyboard amplifiers?

If you look for a design perspective, then your guitar amplifiers are destined to be part of the instrument’s tone, while the color is the original signal. They are designed to sound exceptional with guitars. However, keyboard amps offer more flexibility when you take into consideration that modern sample-based keyboards can play strings, drums, piano, synth sounds, and more. Most keyboards can regenerate full-range sound as efficiently as possible, nearly the opposite of what a guitar amplifier is capable of. While there are certain exceptions, for instance, a rotary-speaker amp that is iconic for specific styles, you will most likely need an amp that faithfully reproduces the resonances of your keyboard.

Combo amplifiers

Most keyboard amplifiers you will come across, are combo amplifiers, and this is due to the convenient solution for all types of keyboards. Combo amplifiers is a combination of speakers, amplifier, and some processing choices all rolled into one compact unit. It is relatively easy to install it with the plug and play design. You simply plug in the keyboard, switch it on, and it is ready to start playing. The combo amps vary in size from large rigs that is audible over the entire band, to smaller sized units which are appropriate for apartment practice. For more details on keyboard amplifiers for sale, visit

Can you use active PA speakers as an alternative?

It is worth mentioning that active PA speakers are somewhat similar to keyboard amps, since they are designed for reproducing sound as clearly as possible. But are they a viable alternative for combo amps? A combo amp offers more convenience because they are compact and easily set up. However, if you perform solo with a vocal microphone and just one keyboard, you might find better control over your sound overall. In such an instance, a multi-purpose PA speaker will be a good choice for you.

How much power do you require?

The higher your amplifier wattage, the louder you will be able to play without any distortion. The cabinet size and number of speakers also play an essential role. Higher-power amps are your best friend when it comes to obtaining the cleanest sound. For bands that prefers to play loud but you have difficulty in being heard, you have two choices. You can use a bigger combo amp or multiple amps to match other band players’ sound, or you can go for a smaller amp to use as a personal monitor. This way the main keyboard signal is send to the sound system and a split is send to the keyboard amp to make it easier for you to hear yourself.

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