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Swords – Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Have you been a Zelda game series fan? Or have you just started out with the game? Either way, the most thrilling part of the game are the weapons. There is absolutely no doubt that the Legend of Zelda game series has a series of amazing weaponry.

So, as a fan or even as a game enthusiast, you must have known, that a new sequel to the Legend of Zelda was released. Yes, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! A new game to dive into. But wait, we aren’t here to discuss the game! We are here to discuss those amazing and innumerable swords featured in the Breath of the Wild.

Let’s talk a little about those swords. There are several dynamic weapons, that have enabled Link to let go of his standard sword and shield. If you have had the chance to play the game, you must be aware of Link only being able to carry eight weapons at a time, and surely not all of them could be swords. But really, imagine how imperturbable it would have been for all of them to be swords!

Let get down to business, from here onwards, we’ll be discussing the swords in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hold on to your seats then.

Master Sword

Without mentioning the Master Sword, we certainly cannot go any further with Breath of the Wild weaponry. This is a sword with great history, and it has made an appearance in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Moreover, according to Princess Zelda, of the game, the Master Sword is the only sword that can seal the Calamity Ganon i.e. the Darkness.

We’ll let you in on something though, if you on your way to play the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link will need to make his way through the Lost Woods, and go through the trials of clearing the Korok Trials, and in the end he will require the needed amount of heart containers to take the remarkable Master Sword out of the stone, just like King Arthur don’t you think? What’s more, you can even go and get your hands on the Master Sword from conventions, since they are quite popular.

On to the next one!

Biggoron’s Sword

The Biggoron’s Sword! It has been a part of the Legend of Zelda throughout and is still going strong in the Breath of the Wild. It is a sword that was forged by a Goron swordsmith. The Biggoron’s sword is specifically designed for a hero who had traveled time. The sharp cutting edge of the sword is the true marvel of craftsman’s wonder. But it does have a catch in the game, for you to use it you need amiibo! In the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the only chance one can get to unlock the Biggoron sword is through the Ocarina of Time Link. And what’s more, the Biggoron’s Sword has an attack rating of 50, now isn’t that amazing.

But, the question isn’t about the game now, is it? With all this information coming in about these swords, it is likely that your juices are stirring up to get your hands on at least one of these beauties.

However, you need to keep on going. There are more yet!

Link’s Fierce Deity Sword

An immortal sword, two-handed, and long-bladed! This sword is used by Link whenever he uses the Fierce Deity Mask and transforms into the Fierce Deity. With its long range, this sword emits fire magical light, in buzzsaws shape! However, in the Breath of the Wild, you can only attain this sword with an amiibo, but, the plus side is it can be used without the Fierce Deity Mask!

Savage Lynel Sword

This one here is a brutal sword! Once carried by the white-haired Lynels! The Savage Lynel blade is so strong that it can cut down its foe in an instant. It one of the greatest loot you can come across in the game of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And guess what? The Savage Lynel Sword has a rating of 58, making it one of the highest-ranking weapons to be encountered on Breath of the Wild. Now imagine if you had that sword! Keep picturing it, does make you feel superior, doesn’t it?

We have got more!

Sword of the Six Sages

Now, this is a longsword, forged with the purpose to seal a demon king. This sword was first featured in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and they have made it possible for you to have it in Breath of the Wild! But, there is a catch to it, you need to purchase the Ganondorf Amiibo. However, there is still a chance that you may not be able to get it even from the Ganondorf Amiibo because this sword is a very rare occurrence. Though the rating of the Sword of the Six Sage is 48, it does have the durability that makes it reliable when used by Link.

Aren’t you feeling the urge to go and play this game? Or are you feeling the urge to go and get your hands on the replicas of these swords from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Your feelings are quite understandable because we have gone through the same experience. Maybe you should start playing or attending conventions and comic-cons or browsing the Internet.

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