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Two Self-Repairing Car Technologies Waiting to be Invented

The advances in vehicle technology are becoming more and more rapid in 2018, much like what we have experienced with personal computing in the past 15 years. Things that we once thought were complete fantasy such as autonomous vehicles are now just around the corner, no matter what we think about them.

This article sets out to discuss some of the possible driving and vehicle technology that is still in the realms of fantasy, but may be possible with a little more development.

1. Self-Repairing Dents

I know what you’re thinking, how can a dent repair itself? It’s just metal that has been bent out of shape. If dents could repair themselves then there wouldn’t be a need for people up and down the country to undertake paintless dent repair training and sell their services.

But it is possible, with the use of one of many up and coming technologies. Let’s say that a careless driver bashes into you in the parking lot and drives off. Today there is no choice but to come back to your car and find an ugly ding waiting for you. But what it the car was smart enough to understand it had been bashed and take action before you even get back?

This could be possible with building smart-sensors into the metal, which are collectively programmed to use certain mechanisms to restore the original shape in the event of a bash.

The technology behind the actual repair could easily be built in air inflation systems to push malleable metal back to its original surface tension/shape. The possibilities are all almost there within current technological advances – it just takes a brave manufacturer to put it all together.

2. Re-inflating tires

The tire industry is actually one which is pretty advanced in terms of developing something which is so simple. At the moment we have what are known as ‘runflat’ tires, which basically means that when a tire gets a puncture there is a smaller solid rubber internal tire the car can roll on.

This is a pretty solid advancement from the original hollow tire, although there is still room to improve greatly. There are many technologies out there capable of keeping drivers on the road for longer after the outer tire is compromised.

The simplest solution is again (as with self-repairing dents) an expandable air system which would push out a weaker/thinner inner skin to the surface of the point where air is escaping. This would allow the driver to continue further without an impeded driving experience. Compare this to driving on the current run-flat tires which are a noticeable fix, you’d barely feel the difference.

These are just two potential uses of current technology which has already been invented. However if you look at what’s actually in the development pipeline, we’ve got a pretty exciting motoring scene looking ahead for the next 10 years!

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