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6 Reasons Sales Teams Use So Much Technology

In the modern world, technological tools are unavoidable in most industries and jobs. Sales is no exception. Here are six reasons sales teams use so much technology.

1. Courting Digital Natives

The vast majority of consumers now have at least some level of digital literacy. Many consumers are digital natives, which means they’re quite familiar with how the internet works and how to gather and analyze information for themselves before they ever interact with sales representatives. A sales team needs to make sure it can interact with prospective customers who have already done some research and may have already formed opinions about the product or company. Common tools sales teams can utilize include social media websites, online surveys and search engines. Your team can use these tools to learn about what customers already know about your company or product and adjust your sales pitch to add value. You can also use them to learn what customers’ negative opinions may be and work on strategies to improve your company’s or product’s reputation.

2. Getting the Most out of a Sales Call

A sales call can benefit from the greater connectivity and access to information technology can provide. To perform a sales call successfully, you need to schedule the call, do your research, set up your pitch or demo and prepare your next steps, including answering questions and negotiating. While these steps are traditionally done in person, it’s becoming more common to make sales calls via videoconferencing tools. These tools enable you to schedule calls more easily and interact with clients living in

3. Leveraging Analytics To Gain Insights

Technology makes it much easier and faster for sales teams to gather data and perform analytics. Data analytics programs, particularly those powered by machine learning algorithms, can automatically collect, store and sort data to either also automatically analyze or to provide to sales team members to analyze. An automatic data analysis can provide your team with quick, accurate insights which can then be used to improve many aspects of sales. These aspects can include customer engagement, sales strategies, team motivation, talent management and resource deployment.

4. Improving Customer Relationships

Many sales teams will use tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and social media to help improve their relationships with customers. A CRM can help you streamline the customer experience, track sales and collect and analyze information on past customer interactions. Social media is a front-facing tool that will allow your team to directly interact with customers, develop more personalized ads and answer customer queries in real-time.

5. Working Flexibly and Agilely

The cloud provides multiple benefits for most businesses and their departments, including sales. Cloud computing is quite flexible. A sales team can migrate its existing computing infrastructure to the cloud, start using a cloud-native computing infrastructure or a combination of both. The cloud is ideal for storing your data in a centralized location and accessing it remotely, which means a sales team can transition to a lean and agile framework for its workflows. When sales teams leverage the cloud, they can alter their workflows and project timelines easily if they need to and can also scale their processes up or down as needed.

6. Increasing Sales Team Collaboration

Technological tools can also assist sales teams in becoming more collaborative. Since technology makes it easier for employees to work remotely and centralizes a team’s data and documentation, it’s also easier for sales teams to stay in touch and work on the same document or program together at the same time. Other tools can allow employees to collaboratively track project and task status and interact more directly in comment threads rather than over email.

Sales teams, like many other industries and disciplines, greatly benefit from the use of technological tools. These tools can help a sales team streamline its workflows and processes, store and analyze more information more quickly and easily or expand and improve its relationships with its customers.

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