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Benefits of Mac Apps Subscription for Developers

Developers can require more than a dozen tools for completing each project. And when it comes to working with different types of projects, you are going to need a suite of apps. All such apps can cost you thousands of dollars considering the in-app purchases and regular upgrades. A much more cost effective way is to choose Setapp. Subscribe to this suite and get access to dozens of developer tools along with over 100-plus apps. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on all the apps, get full access for just $9.99 per month.

Best Mac Apps for Developers

Some of the most popular Mac apps in the world of developers are listed here. Setapp provides you full access to these apps for a fraction of what each app costs to install and use individually.

  • Marked: This native Mac OS app is a powerful Markdown previewer that works with all the major markup languages. It offers a series of advantages. View the pre-publishing rendered versions. The Markdown editor is also a great writing tool. Increase productivity by focusing on writing instead of the formatting and errors. This is an excellent tool for technical and textual writers. You can install this app for $13.99.
  • RapidWeaver: If you are looking for a code-free site builder, this is one of the best Mac software. There is no need to write in HTML. And you can create websites ranging from a simple blog to a sophisticated ecommerce store with thousands of products and complicated features. This excellent app is available for $89. When you choose Setapp, this app is available as part of the suite for a total of just $9.99 per month ($8.99 per month for annual plan).
  • TablePlus: Another native app, TablePlus is your database management tool that features a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. You can manage different databases simultaneously in a safe and secure way. It allows you to manage MySQL, SQLite, Postgres and other databases. The app costs $49, which supports one year of updates. With Setapp, you will not have to worry about the cost of upgrades or in-app purchases.
  • SQLPro Studio: This is another powerful database management application that allows you to store, view, and retrieve SQL server data quickly and easily. What makes it unique is its user interface that allows managing different database types simultaneously. The powerful tool costs around $133 when chosen individually.
  • CodeRunner: This multi-language editor supports all programming languages. The application makes it easier than ever to write and test code. It is a versatile tool for running scripts, test new scripting/coding languages, and testing algorithms. The key features include instant code testing, support for IDE-level code completion, and breakpoints-based debugging. The app costs $14.99 to download, but it is available with full access in the Setapp suite for just $9.99/mo.

There are many other developer tools in Setapp including Hype, Yummy FTP Pro, Simon, Base, TeaCode, Paw and many more. There are a total of over 100 tools that cover categories like Task Management, Productivity, Creativity, Maintenance, Mac Hacks, and more. Thus, you are able to have full access to apps worth tens of thousands of dollars for just $9.99 per month.

The Setapp Advantage

Setapp is the first subscription service for Mac applications. You can instantly get access to 100-plus apps for a price that is a small fraction of what a suite of developer tools will cost you. Besides, there are dozens of other types of apps that can help you with your tasks. The service also offers a 7-day free trial so that you can test it before deciding to continue. And this free trial doesn’t require your credit card details.

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