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Know How AI  Will Transform The HR industry In 10 Years

AI Is All Set To Make Miraculous Transformations In HR Industry

Remember those days when the HR department was bustled with activities? From time-consuming activities like resume screening and interviews to selecting candidates and integrating them into the system, the HR department was always busy! And, not just busy. They were loaded with time-consuming tasks that ate up their time and made HR look like boring work altogether. But, as the times changed, technology changed and HR also changed. The HR process has undergone a rampant change over the decade, with automation playing a key role.

Yes, you heard it right!  AI technology is brandishing a miraculous transformation in the HR industry. Thanks to the fabulous automation, the glut of manual tasks that had kept the HR industry handful once is immensely simplified today! The customized algorithms are performing all the important tasks. From automated payroll systems to streamlined recruiting and onboarding processes- AI-powered solutions have simplified the redundant administrative and talent management processes.

Employee Engagement- A Necessity

Studies and surveys have reported that employee engagement is one of the fast-growing needs of the HR industry. Your workforce should be content and happy to work for you. Stats show that 7 out of 10 employees who are engaged, passionate, and happy about their work are more productive than their disengaged counterparts. This surging demand to connect and engage employees further makes AI the need of the hour.

Continue reading to find out how employee engagement can be improved with AI technologies.

Quick Pointers For Enhanced Employee Engagement

  • Co-Working – The Happiness Pill

According to an engagement report of 2019, co-working has been attributed as one of the most relevant reasons why employees are happier and engaged in their jobs. In addition, a comparative study with their disengaged peers showed that they have a clear advantage in terms of productivity as they can lean on coworkers during a crisis. This profound discovery has instigated the HR department to discover multiple techniques to improve employee engagement with AI applications.

  • Company Culture- The Motivator

The company culture, which embodies visions, mission, ethics, and values, are also crucial points to be considered. Recent surveys attribute company culture as a top factor for employee happiness. Furthermore, it is found that employees who are attuned to company culture do their best to improve the overall productivity.

  • Employee Monitoring Software- The Productivity Expert

You can make use of an employee tracking software to track the activities of the employees and ensure their productivity levels are not affected. If there is a dip in productivity, you can focus more on that employee, talk to the person and find ways to sort it out before it causes a greater impact on the project.

  • Growth Opportunities- The Trigger

Most employees consider growth opportunities as one of the top reasons that motivate them to stay with a company. Opportunities are the best way to acknowledge a talent for the effort they had put in. So, if you want your best talent to remain with you, consider offering skills training and other opportunities.

AI Applications That Help Enhance Employee Engagement

Changes in the HR industry are quite dynamic, and companies need to be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. AI is making its presence felt in almost all departments and HR has also joined the league.Here are 3 promising AI applications adopted by businesses to enhance their employee engagement efforts.

  • Social Media- Your Branding Expert

Employer branding is witnessing a broader acceptance over the years, with several social media players facilitating their growth. According to reports, about 47 % of recruiters prefer advertising their hiring requirements through social media. In addition, engagement programs and blog posts that promote company culture also help build brands. Employer branding through social media is the best way to improve a company’s online reputation and attract a slew of candidates to the company.

  • HR applications- Your Management Expert

AI-based HR applications have become an inevitable part of business operations as remote working takes center stage. Employee monitoring software, communication tools, and other HR-based applications make the entire Human resource management easier and more accessible. Employees can attend daily meetings, seek colleagues’ help, and even exchange feedback as part of their employee engagement efforts. This facility has enabled HR to track the employees easily and make them productive at the same time.

  • Analytics-Your Strategical Expert

Real-time data and stats are crucial to devising future strategies and decisions. Analytics is, without a doubt, an inevitable skill the HR manager must master. Data gained is vital to validating the work culture, attracting new hires, boosting employee morale, and determining employee capabilities. It also helps to improve team culture, reduce employee churn rate, check overtime hours, assess professional and training costs and devise various retention strategies.

AI-based HR applications make sure that employee management is easier and more productive than ever before. If you haven’t tried any of the AI-based applications and solutions yet, now is the time to get started. If you need to stay updated and compete with your competitors, AI is the one you can trust. With employee time tracking software keeping track of performance management, learning, and compensation management, the future HR practices are indeed in safe hands.

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